British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

One of the leading and largest polytechnic institutes in Canada. It is a leader in business and technology programs. Today, about 50 thousand students are enrolled to BCIT, including more than 4500 foreigners from 110 countries.
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
Studying at BCIT is practical as students get good academic training and then apply their knowledge in practice even before graduation.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Applied high-tech researches and developments are carried out on the basis of the institute and students can participate in them. Students training at this institute is carried out in small classes: 16-25 persons.

The institute is justly proud of an excellent teaching staff. It includes leading professionals and instructors helping students to acquire all the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in their field.

BCIT has partnership relations with more than 150 educational institutions all over the world, providing its students with the opportunity to take a number of programs in other countries.

Student life at BCIT is rich and diverse. Students can become members of different hobby clubs, sports teams, etc. Dozens of entertainment events are held every month by the student services of the higher educational institution.

Education in Vancouver

BCIT is located in Vancouver - one of the safest and most liveable cities in the world. Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada, surrounded by the ocean and mountains, it can offer not only all the delights of a big city, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature. The climate in this region is very mild and pleasant all year round.

Vancouver is a modern metropolitan city, which is also considered one of the largest industrial centers in the country offering rich career opportunities for BCIT graduates.

Vancouver has a rich sports and cultural life. The city's population is very diverse and multicultural.
Vancouver has a friendly atmosphere and every guest is welcome.

British Columbia Institute of Technology includes five campuses within Vancouver:

  1. Сampus Burnaby. The largest campus with classrooms, laboratories, simulators, studios, green roofs. There are also modern energy systems, access to forests and water communications.
  2. Downtown Сampus. Located in the heart of the city. This is the place where students are trained in business and technical areas as well as IT.
  3. Marine Сampus. The North Waterfront campus of Vancouver includes an indoor pool, engineering bridge simulators and machine rooms for future engineers.
  4. Aerospace Technology Сampus. Occupies a large area in Richmond. This is the largest aerospace training center in Canada.
  5. Annacis Island Сampus. Located in Delta. Covers 142 thousand square feet. The ERRTH test center and other facilities for the training of mechanics and other specialists are located here.

The higher educational institution has also several satellite locations throughout British Columbia. There are training airplanes and control tower for practical training on the territory of the institute. Besides, the higher educational institution has own equipped television and radio studios, laboratory for the production of robotics technologies, training center for marine engineers, interactive simulator for training firefighters and other facilities providing an opportunity to prepare future professionals to work at the highest level.

Schools and education programs of British Columbia Institute of Technology

BCIT includes 6 schools:

  1. Computer and Academic Research (the largest provider of computer and information technology in Western Canada. Offers over 250 courses and 40 programs);
  2. Business (offers over 100 programs and 300 training courses from industry experts);
  3. Construction and Environment (is the leading center for the development of vocational, engineering, applied and natural sciences in the province. Offers over 270 courses and 60 study programs);
  4. Health Sciences (here you can get the best education in the region for the professions in demand in the health sector (occupational health, nursing, radiotherapy, etc.);
  5. Energy (is engaged in the training of specialists and developments in the field of energy efficiency of production and alternative energy sources. Offers a wide range of programs from telecommunications and drivers to chemical and environmental technologies);
  6. Transport (this school trains specialists for all types of transport, including air, sea, railway. This school is also the largest center of aerospace technology in Western Canada).

International students can choose from 156 programs in all areas. Depending on the chosen program at the institute one can get a certificate or diploma, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree. You can also finish a language school on the basis of the institute, which will prepare the future student to further education in English and facilitate the admission process.


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