Brock University

Brock University is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Canada, located in the historic region of Niagara
Brock University
This higher educational institution offers modern education in Canada in a quiet town with beautiful natural surroundings. Brock University belongs to one of the top 5 universities in Ontario and is honored with the prestigious 3M Teaching Excellence Awards.

Brock University

Brock University opened in 1964 upon the initiative of local residents, who wanted to have their own higher educational institution. The university began to develop very quickly and the demand for its education grew exponentially. Today more there are more than 19 thousand students, who study at this university at 7 faculties. This is a good option for international students to study in Canada - the community includes representatives from more than 100 states of the world.

The programs are career-oriented and include practical training and internships.

Brock University is justly proud of its teaching staff - classes are taught by real professionals, including 12 Teaching Fellowship winners. The higher educational institution has 8 advanced research departments.

The university has a fascinating and diverse community. There are more than 100 clubs of interest, dozens of sports sections, etc. Everyone will be able to find friends with similar tastes and preferences.

Why students choose Brock University?

Studying in Canada here is:

  • safety and magnificent nature around;
  • affordable residence (the cost is half lower than in Toronto);
  • programs adapted to real work;
  • a high percentage of employed graduates (over 90% find a job within six months);
  • cheerful friendly international community;
  • personal support for international students.

Faculties and programs at Brock University

Brock University offers over 120 Bachelor and Master programs at 7 faculties, including over 40 Co-op programs that allow the student to work while studying.

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

It is famous for its high-quality teaching, modern training programs and comfortable conditions. Advanced research centers operate on the basis of the faculty.

Students can get Bachelor's degree in the following specialties:
  • Child health;
  • Community health;
  • Kinesiology (regular and accelerated Bachelor and Master programs);
  • Medical sciences;
  • Care;
  • Physical training;
  • Healthcare;
  • Public healthcare (accelerated programs);
  • Recreation and leisure;
  • Sports management.

There are also three Master programs available:
  • Master of Applied Gerontology;
  • Master of Professional Kinesiology;
  • Master of Public Health.

The highest degree a student can obtain is a PhD in Applied Medical Sciences.

Faculty of Education

This is the oldest and largest faculty at Brock University. For 50 years, it has earned a reputation as one of the best educational faculties in the country and in the world, as well as a reputation for excellence in research, teaching, learning and service. It has several research laboratories and centers.

The faculty offers the following Bachelor courses and professional programs:
  • Aboriginal education;
  • Adult education;
  • Preschool education;
  • Teacher Education;
  • Technological education;
  • Continuous teacher education.

If you wish to continue your education, you can get a degree of:
  • Master of Education;
  • Master of Education for International Students;
  • Phd in Pedagogical Sciences.

Besides, there are certification programs in:
  • Preparation for Master's Degree in Education;
  • On the education of Aboriginal adults;
  • On adult education;
  • The indigenous people of Gidayamin.

The faculty also offers online adult education courses.

Faculty of Humanities

It includes 8 departments and 4 inter-subject centers. This is the largest faculty of the university with an excellent teaching staff and many awards.

Students can get Bachelor's degree at the faculty in the following areas:
  • Canadian studies;
  • Classics (exploration of the world of Ancient Greece and Rome);
  • Dramatic art;
  • English language and literature;
  • French studies;
  • Game design;
  • General humanities;
  • German;
  • Hispanic and Latin American Studies;
  • History;
  • Interactive art and science;
  • Italian studies;
  • Middle Ages and Renaissance;
  • Music;
  • Philosophy;
  • Fine art;
  • Research in the field of culture and art;
  • Studies in comparative literature and cultures.

As well as a Master's degree in the following areas:
  • Classics;
  • English;
  • Philosophy;
  • Studies in comparative literature and art;
  • History.

Students wishing to continue their education can get a PhD with a specialization in inter-subject humanities.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

It offers pioneering inter-subject courses and research at its research centers. The faculty and its teachers have received numerous awards both at the state and international level.

The faculty offers many Bachelor degree programs:
  • Applied computing;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Biological sciences;
  • Biomedical sciences;
  • Biophysics;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Computer science;
  • Computer science and mathematics;
  • Computers and business;
  • Computing technology and network communications;
  • Computing and solid-state technology;
  • Earth sciences;
  • Engineering science;
  • Environmental sciences;
  • Game programming;
  • Mathematics and statistics;
  • Neurology;
  • Physics;
  • Sciences (you can create an individual program according to your interests in the field of health, natural sciences and health sciences).

Master degree programs:
  • MSc in Biological sciences;
  • MSc in biotechnology;
  • MSc in chemistry;
  • MSc in computer science;
  • MSc in physics of materials;
  • MSc in geosciences;
  • MSc in mathematics and statistics;
  • MSc in physics.

Postgraduate programs, the completion of which will lead to a degree:
  • PhD in biological sciences;
  • PhD in biotechnology;
  • PhD in chemistry;
  • PhD in physics.

Faculty of Social Sciences

One of the largest faculties of the university offers many opportunities for study in Canada, research, community engagement and career development.

Studies in Canada are possible under a number of interesting and popular Bachelor degree courses at this faculty:

  • Applied linguistics;
  • Business communication;
  • Business economics;
  • Children's and youth research;
  • Critical criminology;
  • Economy;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Film studies;
  • Geography;
  • International political economy;
  • Labor research;
  • Media and communication research;
  • Political science;
  • Psychology;
  • Sociology;
  • Tourism research;
  • Women and gender studies;
  • Popular culture.

And also Master degrees in the field:
  • Applied research on disability;
  • Applied linguistics;
  • Business economics;
  • Children's and youth research;
  • Critical sociology;
  • Geography;
  • Political science;
  • Popular culture;
  • Psychology;
  • Research on social justice and equality;
  • Sustainable development.

Goodman School of Business

It is ranked 12th in the ranking of the best Canadian business schools according to the QS Global MBA 2021.
Accredited by the most reputable business organizations in Canada AACSB, CPA, CPSA, NCMA.

Students can earn an internationally recognized BBA or MBA, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or a Certificate in Administrative Studies.

This school offers three training programs:
  • Accounting
  • Business administration;
  • Business Administration Co-op International Double Degree (the student studies at two schools: Brock University and the second to choose from is in England, France, Germany or Ireland, and receives two internationally recognized degrees).

Marilyn E. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts

It is a dynamic hub for creativity and intelligence, located in 97,000 square feet building, offering the ideal environment for growth and potential. The school has its own theater, creative studios, digital laboratories and other facilities necessary for the development of creative personalities. All programs are training-oriented.

This school offers several different study programs in Canada in the following areas:
  • Dramatic art;
  • Music;
  • Research in the field of art and culture;
  • Fine art.

The following programs are worth highlighting:
  • Parallel pedagogical education in middle / senior grades (7-12);
  • Parallel pedagogical education in junior / middle grades (4 - 10);
  • Parallel teacher education in primary / junior school (grades K - 6).

They are offered by each faculty and, depending on this, the specialization can be different (dramatic art, English, French, physical training, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, etc.) The student chooses two main subjects that he/she studies for further teaching. The course is designed for 6 years of study. Practice begins from the second year of studies and continues until the moment the diploma is awarded.

Accommodation and tuition fees at Brock University


At Brock University students get the opportunity to live in one of four types of residences:

  1. Traditional. Single or double rooms with shared living rooms and bathrooms. Students buy a meal plan at a university cafeteria.
  2. Junior suite. Single and double rooms with private bathrooms.
  3. Townhouses. Accommodation in separate houses for more independent students. They can cook their own meals.
  4. Suite. Single rooms in apartment buildings. There are also lofts. Also, the university can help with the search for separate housing near the campus.

Cost of studies

Studying in Canada at Brock University for international students costs 27885 - 29153 CAD.
Accommodation on campus - 7540 - 9020 CAD.
On-campus meals - CAD 3750 - 5100.

How to enter a higher educational institution in Canada? The easiest way is to be enrolled to the ESL program and live the first year with a host family - this way you can prepare and get used to life and study in a new country.


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