Capilano University

A Canadian public higher educational institution located in Vancouver. It was founded in 1968 following a referendum among residents of the North and West Vancouver, as well as Howe Sound and school councils.
Capilano University
Capilano University is a Canadian public university located in Vancouver. It was founded in 1968 following a referendum among residents of the North and West Vancouver, as well as Howe Sound and school councils.

Capilano University

Today it is a large prestigious institution with accreditation from the British Columbia government, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (USA) as well as the EQA. Capilano University degrees and diplomas are recognized worldwide.

Almost 12 thousand students study at Capilano University, where more than 2500 are representatives of 80 different countries. At the same time, the university is proud that studies are held in small classes - up to 25 people. This provides an individual approach and the opportunity to express oneself as much as possible for each student.

Capilano University offers a very wide range of courses. These include both traditional university programs (for example, English, physics, philosophy, etc.) and unique (for example, studying jazz, cinema, outdoor recreation management, etc.). Many programs offer practical, integrated into real work, teaching method.

Capilano University maintains partnerships with many universities in different countries, giving students an opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad.

Campuses and student life

Capilano University has several campuses located in the territory of the Squamish people:

  • The main campus is located in North Vancouver (British Columbia) actually half an hour from the city center. The thick forest and fresh mountain air create an amazing environment for living and studying. Hiking trails, mountain bike trails, beaches and world-class ski resorts are within walking distance of campus. You can reach the center of the vibrant metropolis of Vancouver in half an hour.
  • Sunshine Coast Campus - located in Seshelte in the territory of the Shishalh people and the Squhumeshesh tribe. This place is surrounded by forest, mountains and the sea. Students study here in small classes.
  • T'szil Training Center - new building in Mount Kerry, British Columbia. The university also plans to open another campus in Vancouver called Lonsdale.

The university has its own theater, bookstore, cafe, sports facilities. Capilano University has 36 student clubs and communities, thus everyone can find friends with the same interests. The university actively trains teams in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, etc. Student life at the university is rich and varied, all graduates leave extremely positive feedback on the time spent at Capilano University.

International students receive support from their first day in the country from the Wong and Trainor Center for International Experience. They can address the consultants on any issue and get help.

Capilano University offers exclusive housing to its students near the main campus. Comfortable safe rooms with everything you need will make you feel at home at the university. Each floor has shared bathrooms and living rooms, and high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole territory. The students also receive three meals a day.

Faculties and education programs at Capilano University

Capilano University includes 5 faculties and each is divided into specialized schools:

1. The Faculty of Arts and Science includes:

  • School of Humanities,
  • School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM),
  • School of Social Sciences.

2. The Faculty of Business and Professional Studies includes:

  • Business School,
  • School of Communications;
  • School of Legal Studies

3. The Faculty of Education, Health and Human Development includes:

  • School of Education and Childhood;
  • School of Health;
  • School of Access and Academic Training.

4. The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts includes:

  • School of Design IDEA,
  • Film school,
  • School of Performing Arts.

5. The Faculty of Global and Social Studies includes:

  • School of Global management,
  • School of Human kinetics,
  • School of Outdoor Recreation Management,
  • School of Public Administration,
  • School of Tourism Management.

International students can choose from several programs in the following areas:

  1. Business - programs of different levels are available: Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Accounting Assistant Diploma, Business Administration Certificate, North American Business Management Applied Post-Baccalaureate Diploma, etc.
  2. Communication - two programs are open for international students: Bachelor of Communication Studies Degree and Communication Studies Diploma.
  3. Legal Studies - 3 specialties are available: Bachelor of Legal Studies (Paralegal) Degree, Paralegal Diploma and Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate.
  4. Film production, animation, costume designers: Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree, 3D Animation for Film and Games Diploma, Costuming for Stage and Screen Diploma, etc.
  5. Performing Arts (Music, Theater, Arts and Entertainment): Music Diploma, Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies Degree, Technical Theater Diploma, etc.)
  6. Design: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Degree.
  7. Tourism Management: Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree, Tourism Management for International Students Diploma, Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma, etc.
  8. Education and upbringing of children: Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education Degree;
  9. Humanities and social sciences (Bachelor of Arts, - Applies Behavior Analysis, Academic Studies Diploma, etc.);
  10. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): Associate of Science Degree, Engineering Transition Diploma, etc.

The university also offers such rare specialties as Associate of Arts Degree - Global Stewardship, Human Kinetics Diploma and others.

The first course that most international students have to take is the EAP - English for Academic Purposes program. It helps improving the level of language proficiency in a short time, which necessary for studying at the university. The beginning level is determined for each student and the most effective classes plan is determined.

Cost of studies

The cost of studies in 2020/2021 academic year will be from 19122 to 34172 CAD / year.
The cost of studies for the EAP program will be from 6540 to 7986 CAD / term (depending on the level).


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