Langara College

Langara College is one of the leading colleges in British Columbia (Canada)
Langara College
Langara College is one of the leading colleges in British Columbia (Canada). It was founded in 1970 in Vancouver and nowadays is the largest public higher educational institution and annually accepts over 23 thousand students from different countries of the world.

Langara College

This college offers diploma and postgraduate programs, professional training courses and English language courses. The students can get:

  • Associate Degrees – a student can get transfer credits (not less than 60) to the university in the whole range of specialties (art, science, social studies, business, liberal arts) for two years of studies. Langara College offers over 30 associated degrees.
  • Bachelor's Degree – a student can get minimum 120 credits of the university degree and a Bachelor's degree in the specialties "Bioinformatics", "Business administration" and "Recreation management".
  • Diploma – the college offers over 40 two-year programs, the completion of which leads to a diploma. This document will allow to find a good job. Such programs are oriented at practical training and a student will have knowledge and skills required for work upon graduation.
  • Certificate – the programs consist of 1 year of study and provide a certificate in a separate specialty. It can be the beginning of academic growth or an addition to the main education. Such courses help specialists with a diploma to get another qualification.
  • Citation is a short-term study including not less than 15 credits under a certain program. Usually students are enrolled to diploma programs and continue studies upon completion of such course.

Advantages of Langara College

  • Langara College offers over 90 programs and over 1000 courses, including postgraduate studies.
  • Language courses of LEAP are recognized as one of the best Canadian programs of ESL.
  • The tuition at Langara College is lower than at the university.
  • Higher educational institution provides a comprehensive support for students, especially foreign ones.
  • The programs include real practical training at industrial objects.
  • The students can work outside the campus. They can work on a part-time basis for several hours. Some programs also include practical training or experiential learning.
  • The students have studies in small classes.
  • Langara College supports transfer programs, which means that after 2 years of studies a student can be enrolled to the university.

The college consists of two campuses: the main one in 49 Avenue and the second one in the district of the North Broadway. Higher educational institution provides the students with all the required things for comprehensive and comfortable studies: modern equipped classes, computer classes, libraries, access to Wi-Fi, etc.

The college provides students not only with sound academic background, but also ensures eventful and interesting social and cultural life for them. Therefore, special program Langara-PLUS was developed. Its participants visit different seminars, social and recreation events. Also, Langara College hosts student sports clubs and separate groups with common interests.

The main campus is located in the park zone of Vancouver. The city is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and best for life not only in Canada, but in the whole world. Gorgeous nature, rich cultural and social life will be an entertainment for students in their free time. This cosmopolitan centre is international, where one can get to know other people from any country of the planet.

Educational programs at Langara College

Langara College offers a wide choice of programs and courses with different term under the main specialties:

  • Art (Arts, Creative Written, Digital Print & Publishing, Film Arts, Professional Photography, Advanced Game Design, etc.);
  • Business (Business Administration (BBA), Commerce, Financial Management, Accounting, etc.);
  • Science and technologies (Bioinformatics, Science, Biology, Engineering Transfer, Computer Studies, Internet & Information Technology, etc.);
  • Liberal arts and social sciences (Asian Studies, Criminology, Education Assistant, History, Family Studies, Political Science, etc.);
  • Health (Food & Nutrition, Kinesiology, Recreation Management, Registered Massage Therapy, etc.)

Students, who selected a 2-year program, can be transferred to the university or submit documents for the Post-Graduation Work Permit. The college suggests over 1000 courses, which can be taken in one of the universities of the British Columbia, Canada and USA.

LEAP is an intensive language course at Langara College, upon completion of which a student will be able to master academic English at a high level, sufficient for full-time study at a university. The program includes 9 levels: from the elementary till the advanced one. Every student passes level determination under initial knowledge and studies within the term required to reach the goal. The students pass studies in general within 8-12 months.

Accommodation and cost

Langara College has no own student residences. The college suggests two variants of accommodation:

  1. In the host family. Students are provided with a separate furnished room, access to household appliances and three meals daily. Staying in a host family costs 10840$/year.
  2. Independent residential lease outside the campus. Many students rent apartments with their friends which gives an opportunity to cut down expenses and have fun together.

Residential lease in Vancouver will cost approximately 500 – 1000 $/month.

Tuition at Langara College

Tuition in 2020 makes up:

  • programs of University transfer, Career programs, Bachelor degree - 187962 $/year;
  • courses of Post Degree Diploma – starting from 24780$ to 35040$ per 2 years;
  • courses of Continuing Studies – starting from 25380$ to 65000$ per 2 years;
  • course of LEAP – 2988 $/7 weeks.


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