New York Film Academy

Guide to New York Film Academy: campuses, programs, degrees and rates. Conditions of Admission.

New York Film Academy is one of the most reputable and popular universities in the field of art, which was opened in 1992 in the city of New York. This university quickly gained popularity and today has 8 campuses and departments in different countries of the world.

For 30 years of work NYFA has become a leading university in the field of art. It has more than 5 thousand students a year, including foreigners from 160 countries. Famous directors, authoritative screenwriters, world-famous actors, as well as the best teachers and specialists in the field of arts teach at the university.

The Academy offers more than 10 bachelor's and master's degree programs in film and acting, as well as a wide range of short specialized programs, summer camps, and youth seminars.

New York Film Academy campuses and locations

The Film Academy has 8 campuses and branches in different parts of the world.

The New York campus

New York is one of the most iconic cities for television, film, entertainment and media. This campus was the Academy's first. It is currently located on the outskirts of Manhattan in Battery Park.

This campus is a state-of-the-art, multi-level space. Students are offered purpose-built classrooms and studios for filmmaking, photography, editing, performance, dance, and voice-over. The campus also features a fully equipped theater and a wide variety of equipment.

A full range of Academy programs are available at NYFA New York.

Los Angeles campus

Los Angeles is a mecca for all the world's creative people. NYFA's campus is located in Burbank, the media capital of the world, near major studios such as Universal, NBC, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon Studios and The Walt Disney Company.

From the very beginning on campus, aspiring actors, directors and writers are immersed in the industry, learning and working like professionals.

This campus offers students a full range of Academy programs.

South Beach Campus (Miami)

This campus is located in the South Beach neighborhood. Here students are offered a fairly wide range of programs of study, conservatory, workshops and youth programs in film production and acting.

Florence Campus (Italy)

It is a legendary city with a rich history that has been a place of inspiration and active creativity for many famous artists. On this campus, the Academy offers semester courses, in-person workshops, and summer camps for teens. The most popular areas of study are:

  • filmmaking;
  • acting.

Seasonal workshops in the art of photography and 3D animation are also available.

Gold Coast Campus (Australia)

This campus is at the heart of Queensland's innovative film industry. Students are immediately immersed in their studies, surrounded by leading faculty and innovative facilities.

Diploma programs in film production, acting and screenwriting are available on campus.

Beijing Office (China)

NYFA programs in Beijing are held at the renowned Beijing Film Academy, located in the heart of the Haidian district.

The Academy offers professional workshops in film production, visual and performing arts in this department. Seasonal programs provide project-based education, with students learning and practicing Hollywood filmmaking techniques and trends.

The Harvard office

For aspiring screenwriters, the Academy offers exclusive summer workshops at Harvard University in filmmaking, acting, musical theater, and animation.

While studying at Harvard, student filmmakers will have access to professional-grade equipment such as digital cameras and handheld lighting equipment, as well as digital editing software. The campus itself provides students with hundreds of unique spaces where they can work on scripts, rehearse, and collaborate with their peers.

Paris Office (France)

NYFA's filmmaking and acting in film programs are conducted at La Fémis, France's national film and television school. La Fémis, one of the most prestigious film schools in the world, is located in the 18th arrondissement in the historic Montmartre district, one of Paris' most iconic neighborhoods, home to many artists, directors, actors, and screenwriters.

Short-term programs in film making and acting are available to students in this department.

Programs at New York Film Academy

The Film Academy offers a large list of programs in film production, media, design, etc.

Students can pursue the following majors:

Film Production

These are programs for those who want to become filmmakers. NYFA filmmaking students learn every step of creating the structure of a classic movie and its content, receiving a well-rounded education in the ever-evolving art of visual storytelling.

In the process, students learn by doing, spending the majority of their time writing, shooting, editing, directing, and producing original films and digital content.

Acting in Film

NYFA has AFA and BFA (undergraduate) programs, as well as an MFA (graduate) program for students who dream of becoming famous film actors. In each degree program, students learn the principles of acting through core classes and time spent in front of the camera.

Students learn to take apart, analyze, and rehearse scenes, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the craft of acting while creating a commercial that showcases their talent.


A producer oversees and manages preparation, shooting and post-production, controlling all aspects of creating a movie, TV show or multimedia project.

Students gain extensive hands-on experience in projects including film and television treatments, Rip-O-Matics, short features, and short films as well as their own thesis package.


Beginning photographers learn the practical and creative elements of the visual art of photography through step-by-step instruction and hands-on projects.

During the programs, students learn technical and creative skills in digital photography, as well as practices in the Internet and business industries.


In the program in Cinematography at NYFA, students master the unique visual language of film, television, or web series. Throughout the program, students explore stylistic and narrative approaches and complete independent projects using film and digital cinema cameras, lighting and grip sets provided by NYFA, and state-of-the-art equipment such as a crane. By applying theory and hands-on experience, NYFA students gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in visual storytelling while creating their cinematic video.

Students shoot, cover, script, edit, etc. to realize their own projects, developing a vital discipline for creativity while learning to monitor and improve their work.

3D Animation and Visual Effects

Students learn to create 3D animation and visual effects for use in film, TV, gaming and virtual reality. They are provided with professional training facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative industry-standard software, including Autodesk's 3D Maya, MotionBuilder, Motion Capture, Unreal Game Engine, Pixologic's ZBrush digital sculptor, SideFX's Houdini FX. , V-Ray from Chaos Group, and Foundry Nuke layout and editing program.

Students can expect to take animation courses in scripting, UV mapping, lighting and rendering with V-Ray and Arnold, storyboarding and animatics, animation, MEL and Python scripting, Maya polygonal modeling. , animation work, particle dynamics and visual effects in Maya, concept creation with ZBrush, advanced editing, professional development in animation, character design, compositing with Nuke, and lighting and cameras.

Game Design

Game designers use their technical and creative skills to create immersive experiences with compelling gameplay. Under the guidance and mentorship of experienced industry designers, students learn to use sophisticated industry-standard tools and gain experience turning their ideas into game titles. In our advanced programs, students create a game play each semester. In our short-term workshops, students create a functional game.

Students gain fundamental and advanced skills in game design and development, and create a range of original games for their portfolio.

Documentary filmmaking

The field of documentary filmmaking includes feature films, documentary-style television series, micro-documentaries, and social media content that aims to present an aspect of reality to audiences in a compelling way.


In film, television, and new media, a screenwriter lays the basic building blocks of a visual story. At NYFA's Screenwriting School, students can master these fundamental skills while working on multiple projects simultaneously and balancing an intense workload.

Students learn to transform their ideas into structured scripts throughout the program by exploring a variety of media, genres, and styles. Through this hands-on approach, students gain extensive scriptwriting experience while producing an impressive body of work.

AFA, BFA, and MFA students hone their natural writing talent and create a portfolio of screenplays in a variety of mediums, including television, web series, feature films, short films, comics, games, and drama.

Students also complete internships to help them learn the business side of screenwriting and gain the experience necessary to achieve creative goals in film, television, media and entertainment.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an environment unlike any other audiovisual storytelling platform, immersing users in an immersive experience and evoking a depth of emotion and interactivity comparable to real life. Virtual Reality integrates computer-generated imagery, programming, user experience design, game design, live 360-degree video, non-linear scripting, spatial sound, and transmedia narrative design to create a holistic experience.

Throughout the programs, students explore concept development and VR design, creating their own interactive VR experiences, games, and 360-degree movies.

Musical Theater

Budding artists refine their acting, singing, and dancing skills through hands-on experience and rigorous training. Students immerse themselves in the world of performing, working and learning in an exciting city known for its theater on Broadway and beyond.

During courses and workshops, students learn directly from industry professionals and rehearse in purpose-built facilities that include voice practice rooms and state-of-the-art dance studios.

Seminars and summer camps for youth at NYFA

NYFA organizes summer, after school, weekend, and online camps and workshops for teens. Interested high school students can choose between full-time and part-time programs in all areas of study offered by the Academy.

What kind of degrees are available at NYFA?

New York Film Academy offers programs at:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA);
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BA);
  • Associate of Fine Arts (AFA).

These courses are available at three campuses: New York, Los Angeles, and South Beach.

These programs are designed to take 8 - 9 semesters to complete. Students have the option to choose an accelerated schedule and earn their degree in 3 years or study on a classic 4-year schedule.

Degree options at the Film Academy also include:

  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA);
  • Master of Arts (MA).

NYFA admission requirements

Undergraduate admission to NYFA will require:

  • a completed application;
  • application fee ($75);
  • high school diploma;
  • motivational essay;
  • letters of recommendation (minimum of 2);
  • portfolio/ audition;
  • English proficiency certificate (TOEFL score of 520 or higher (190 for computer-based test or 68 for online test); IELTS 6 or equivalent).

Admission to NYFA's graduate program will require:

  • a completed application;
  • application fee ($75);
  • a bachelor's degree;
  • motivational essay;
  • letters of recommendation;
  • portfolio/ audition;
  • proof of English language level (TOEFL 550 or higher (213 for computer-based test or 79 for internet-based test); IELTS 6.5 or equivalent).

How much does it cost to attend New York Film Academy?

The cost of education at New York Film Academy in 2023 is:

  • at the undergraduate level: from $13,000 to $20,000/semester (depending on the program);
  • at the master's level: from 130000 to 19000$/semester (depending on the program).

Students also pay additional fees for the use of technology.


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