Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University is the most in-demand after the University of Ontario
Metropolitan University
Metropolitan University is the most in-demand after the University of Ontario. More than 45,000 students study here in more than 100 programs. The university has 133 partners in 37 countries, 20 research departments and 900 graduate students. The main idea of the university is diversity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University is ranked 811th in the UniPage World Rankings and 776th in the OS World University Rankings. In the internal ranking of Canadian universities, Metropolitan is ranked 26th. The history of Metropolitan University is based on innovative, career-oriented education that addresses the needs of the modern society.

The university was named after Ontario's first education superintendent and leading advocate for public schools, Egerton Ryerson. Initially, it was a higher educational institution, which, for the first time in history, combined technical education with academic theory.

Metropolitan University pays special attention to the teaching staff. It is a team of dedicated professionals, who maintain the university's reputation as a higher educational institution focused on providing the highest level of education.

The University practices international student exchange programs, thanks to which students can spend part of their studies abroad at the leading higher educational institutions of the world.

Faculties and programs at Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University includes 8 faculties offering training in 50 areas. They provide for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. One can also continue education under some of them in graduate school and get a doctorate degree.

Faculty of Humanities at Metropolitan University

Includes training in the following areas:
  • Criminology and civil justice (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Economy. This direction provides for a Master's degree in the international economics and finance and a Ph.D. in economics.
  • Contemporary literature (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Philosophy (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Political science (postgraduate studies).
  • Psychology (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Public political science and administration (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Spatial analysis (Bachelor's, Master's degree).

Faculty of Social Science and Design at Metropolitan University

It offers training in a number of relevant and high-demand specialties:
  • Digital media (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Documentary media (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Fashion (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Cinematography + management of storing photographs and collections (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Journalism (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Media products (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Professional communications (Bachelor's, Master's degree).

Faculty of Social Sciences at Metropolitan University

Students can choose programs in 8 main areas:
  1. Education for children and youth (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  2. Dietetics (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  3. Early development and preschool education (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  4. Nursing (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  5. Nutritiology (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  6. Social work (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  7. Municipal management (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  8. Urban health care (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences at Metropolitan University

This is an innovative environment, where students study in popular specialties in the following areas:
  • Aerospace Design Management (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Architecture (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Biomedical engineering (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Construction sciences (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Computer networks (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Bachelor's, Master's degree).
  • Energy production and innovations (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Master's degree in Engineering Innovations and Entrepreneurship.
  • Medical and industrial engineering (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).

Faculty of Sciences at Metropolitan University

Offers several programs in such specialties as:
  • Biomedicine (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).
  • Computer science (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies)
  • Mathematics. Includes Master's program in applied mathematics and a postgraduate program in mathematical modelling and methodology.
  • Molecular sciences (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).

Ted Rogers School of Management at Metropolitan University

Students can get actual knowledge and real practical experience in such areas as:

  • Accounting (postgraduate studies).
  • Master's degree in business administration.
  • Master's degree in Healthcare Administration.
  • Master of Science Management.
  • Management (postgraduate studies).

Inter-subject programs
  • Communication and Culture - Master's and Ph.D. degrees in cooperation with York University;
  • Data analytics (Bachelor's, Master's degree);
  • Applied Environmental Science and Management (Bachelor's, Master's degree);
  • Research on immigration and resettlement of peoples (Bachelor's, Master's degree).

Faculty of Law at Metropolitan University

Offers studies in one classic direction:
  • Law (Bachelor's, Master's degree, postgraduate studies).

Extracurricular activities at Metropolitan University

Extracurricular activities at Metropolitan University are very diverse. Sports, research, volunteering - you can choose any direction you are interested in.


There are women's and men's soccer, volleyball and ice hockey teams at Metropolitan University. Sport is an integral part of the university life and attracts a large number of fans. Besides, there are gyms, cycle studios and various sections on the territory of the University.

Student council

The Student council works to create a comfortable learning and recreation environment for students; defend their rights and legal interests and interact with the teaching and management staff.

It also regulates the activities of student groups, organizes and supervises events. Another function of the student council is provision of discounts for attending events or purchasing goods off-campus with the partners of the University. Every student can address the Student council for help on any issue and be sure that he/she will receive the necessary help and support.


Participation in volunteer programs both on and off campus is a great opportunity to show and develop your leadership skills. By joining the volunteer programs of the University, you get a better understanding of its work from the inside, gain invaluable skills and experience, as well as an important reference for your CV.


The Metropolitan University Mentoring Program provides mentoring for first-year students and applicants. Mentors are senior students who are selected individually based on similar interests, areas of research and training, and personal qualities. All this provides an excellent opportunity for applicants and freshmen to adapt at the University without stress and without wasting time.

Accommodation and meals at Metropolitan University

There are several types of accommodation you can choose from when you are enrolled to Metropolitan University.

  • Residence (student). One of the advantages of living in a residence is the support of undergraduate students under the supervision of the university staff.

This will help you quickly and easily adapt to both learning and everyday issues, as well as make new friends and be involved in the active life of the campus.

Metropolitan University offers students three residence halls: HOEM residence hall, Pitmann Hall and the International Learning and Residential Centre. They are all located in Toronto.

  • Accommodation off campus (apartment rental). The University has a Financial Center that can help you calculate the budget for off-campus residence and meals. In addition, there is a system of "alumni recommendations" which will help you quickly orient and choose the best option depending on the budget and area of the apartment.

  • Hostel. There is a hostel on campus offering short-term room rentals for early lectures or late examinations. The rooms in the hostel can be rented by friends or relatives of students.

There are many cafes and canteens on campuses and student residences of the university with always freshly cooked food and affordable prices. The variety of food range is provided to make every student feel comfortable. Vegetarian cafes, gluten-free and lactose-free meals, special menus and fresh farm products are served to all tastes. Besides, there are food programs and lunch boxes that are prepared in advance and save time searching and ordering food.

There is Oham Café on the territory of the historic Oham Hall, which offers students organic coffee and espresso-based drinks, the main purpose of which is coordination and networking among students. For the same purpose, a student pub is located on campus.
For applicants there is a virtual tour of the campus, student residences and the main premises of the university. There is also a possibility of a thirty-minute video call with a representative of the student council (usually senior students), during which you can ask all your questions about the educational process and extracurricular life at the university.

Health care

Metropolitan University has its own medical center, which deals with student health. In addition, the Academic Residence Support Center deals with the problems of people with disabilities in order to make their studies and living as comfortable as possible.

In addition to taking care of physical health, students and applicants of the University have the opportunity to take care of their mental state. Students have the opportunity to seek psychological support, and the Student Development and Counselling Center offers free and confidential counselling services in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


Most students at Metropolitan University receive their first job offers before graduation. The Career and Cooperation Center plays an important role in this. It is the University's central resource, where students and graduates can get access to relevant and innovative career development opportunities. Ryerson connects employer partners with talented students and graduates in a wide variety of specialties. This comprehensive service model is highly appreciated by the Canadian employers community as one of the most impressive career practices. It creates a strong network of relationships with students, graduates, recruiters, teachers and staff on
campus, regardless of the faculty and program.

Metropolitan University also created its own "career compass" - the website, where students and graduates can see current vacancies in their specialty, advice on CV writing and finding a job.

The website is regularly updated and is waiting for suggestions from its students to improve the application.

Admission process and tuition fees at Ryerson University

Besides the results of the entrance exams Metropolitan University takes into account the student's progress at the previous educational institution at enrolment. Considering rather high cost of studies, applicants and students are offered several options:

  • receiving a specialized scholarship for merit;
  • financial assistance from the university;
  • distance learning.

The cost of studies at Metropolitan University for international students ranges from $ 28,570 to $ 38,430 depending on the selected educational program.


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