Thompson Rivers University

Public higher education institution in Canada offers quality higher education and favorable inclusive environment. It was founded in 1970 and today is the fourth largest university in British Columbia.
Thompson Rivers University
More than 28 thousand students study at the university. More than 2000 of them are foreigners from 85 countries of the world. The university offers 140 on-campus study programs and 55 open study programs in various fields.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University receives $ 975,000 in funding for faculty and student research from Tri-Counsil.

The campus covers more than 100 hectares, of which 40 acres are green spaces. The campus has 25 buildings for teaching, research, living, sports and service. There is also a theater, a library, a creative center and a polyclinic.

The university has several regional centers: Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Clearwater, Barriere, Ashcroft, Lilooet.

At Thompson Rivers University you can get:

  • master's degree;
  • bachelor's degree;
  • certificate in various specialties;
  • associated degrees.

Location and benefits of studies

TRU is located in the heart of Kamloops, British Columbia. It is a picturesque town with a rich cultural and sports life. The rich nature is amazing: around the university there are more than 200 beautiful lakes, meadows, pine forests and mountains.

Students can visit museums, art galleries, theaters and cinemas in Kamloops. The city hosts a variety of events all year round that will not let students be bored.

Studying at Thompson Rivers University has several advantages

  • high-quality higher education;
  • low cost of studies;
  • more than 200 various education programs;
  • small study groups - up to 20 people;
  • the ability to study and work (CO-Operative programs);
  • modern classrooms and living conditions;
  • developed sports and cultural life;
  • support services for foreigners.

Thompson Rivers University faculties

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

The unique faculty will favor developing skills and leadership qualities, gain extensive practical experience. Includes three departments: Adventure Research, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management.

Faculty of Arts

Innovative flexible programs focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving ability. More than 75% of graduates find work quickly and show excellent preparation for work in any situation.

Studies are carried out in the following areas:

  • English and modern languages;
  • Geography and Environmental Studies;
  • Communication journalism and new media;
  • Philosophy and Politics;
  • Psychology;
  • Sociology and Anthropology;
  • Fine and Performing Arts;
  • Interdisciplinary research.

School of Business and Economics

Includes programs from entry-level to Master's degree program in business administration.
TRU's MBA program will be a training ground for building your business in the future.
Business programs at TRU are flexible and versatile.

Faculty of Education and Social Work

One of the largest faculties at the university. About 90% of graduates find work within a year.
Many combine their studies with programs from other faculties. It is developed to train teachers of different directions and qualifications: from bachelor's and master's degrees to specialists in preschool education, working with children and the elderly, teaching indigenous languages, English as a second language, bachelor of social work, etc.

Faculty of Law

TRU offers an innovative approach to the study of classical legal studies.
State-of-the-art training classrooms and teaching by leading experts ensure the training of lawyers at the highest level.

School of nursing

This school offers various levels of medical training (from certificate in elderly care to master's degree).

Students receive comprehensive theoretical and practical training. It is planned to open a special training center for nursing and health care in 2020.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The training is conducted by the leading international experts. You can get a quality education in the following specialties at the faculty: animal health technologies, biology, chemistry, geology, gardening, natural sciences, physics, respiratory therapy.

School of Crafts and Technology

Studies in 20 specialties, which are supported by the Department of the specialized training of the air force.

Students can get the profession of a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, plumber, power engineer, cook, etc.

Faculty of Student Development

Supports the academic mission of the university, working with students, teachers, subdivisions. The work is carried out in different directions: consultations, intercultural communication, a health center, additional training, a room for parents, multi-confessional chaplaincy, etc.)

Open studies

This TRU faculty is a leader in the provision of PSE online and distance studies.
You can take the course anytime anywhere in the world. Education is provided under the programs: basic adult education, arts, business and management, education and social work, general subjects, medical sciences, nursing, science, technology, tourism.

Sports, extracurricular activities and clubs

As TRU is located in a city known as the Tournament Capital of Canada, a lot of attention is paid to the activities and development of sports teams. More than 600 students participate in university sports leagues.

The university trains 12 teams in various sports: 7 university teams and 5 athletic clubs. Thompson Rivers University teams compete in Canada West division in baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country running, cheerleading, swimming.

Students train on modern professional sites: in the Olympic pool, on the FIFA-certified football field, Tournament Capital Center, etc.

In addition to sports life, TRU has more than 100 clubs for various interests. Students can find like-minded people and new friends in them, develop talents and get new impressions. The topics of the clubs are very diverse: from ethnic groups to gamers and geeks.

Examples of clubs:

  • Spanish Club;
  • Financial Club;
  • Modern marketing club;
  • Japanese club, etc.

The University offers a wide variety of leisure programs each term, for example:

  • seasonal parties;
  • trips to Vancouver;
  • ice skating;
  • hockey games;
  • skiing or snowboarding;
  • wine tours;
  • rock climbing;
  • camping;
  • kayaking, etc.


TRU students are offered several accommodation options:

  • At the TRU residence. This is a modern 11-storey building with great city views. More than 570 students live in it. Separate bedrooms are combined into blocks of 2 or 4 rooms. Boys and girls are accommodated in different blocks. Students can use Wi-Fi, shared lounges, large kitchens on floors 1, 2, 5 and 10. There is also a courtyard with a large barbecue, lobby, fitness center, luggage storage and laundry facilities.
  • McGill Housing. This is a student residence on the south end of the campus for 300 people.
    Students are offered quadruple rooms with a kitchenette, shared living room and bathroom.
    Students can use the kitchen, laundry, bicycle parking, TV, barbecue, terrace, billiards, Wi-Fi. You can choose between a regular room, a superior room or a suite.
  • UCH Residence. This residence for 200 people offers accommodation in four-room apartments with kitchen, bathroom, dining room and separate bedrooms. Residents of the residence can use a large kitchen, living room and laundry room as well as TV, barbecue, patio, billiards, table football, ping-pong in the central building.
  • In a host family. More than 470 Canadian families are ready to accept foreign students. Students receive a private bedroom and three meals a day.

Tuition and living costs

The cost of studies at Thompson Rivers University for international students is as follows:

Bachelor's programs (ESL, U-Prep, Academic):

  • 6900 CAD / term (up to 12 credits / 4 courses) - 13800 CAD / year;
  • 8400 CAD / term (15 credits / 5 courses) - 16800 CAD / year;
  • For each additional loan - $ 515.

Postgraduate diploma training:

  • 1725 CAD / course;
  • 5175 $ / term (up to 9 credits / 3 courses) - 10350 CAD / year;
  • 6900 CAD (up to 12 credits / 4 courses) - 13800 CAD / year;
  • 8625 CAD / term (15 credits / 5 courses) - 17250 CAD / year.

Master's degree programs:

  • MBA, MEEM, MScEEM programs - 14,000 CAD;
  • MBA Master (2 years) - 30571 CAD / year;
  • Certificate in Educational Research (Pre-MEd) - 7900 / term - 15800 CAD / year;
  • Master of Education (MEd) - 8760 CAD / term - 17520 CAD / year;
  • Master in Environmental Sciences (MSc) - 5839 CAD / term - 11678 CAD / year;
  • Master of Science in Economics and Environmental Management (MEEM and MScEEM) - 33630CAD / year;
  • Master of Nursing (MN): 5217 CAD / term - 10434 CAD / year.


  • At TRU Residence - 5650 CAD per year. No meals.
  • At McGill Housing - CAD 5180 per fall and winter terms. No meals.
  • At UCH Residence - CAD 7065 for fall, winter and summer terms. No meals.
  • Host family - 3300 CAD per term. Three meals a day.


$ 2.5 million are provided annually for scholarships and student awards.

The university offers many different scholarships, awards and grants to international students, who have shown themselves in one of the areas:

  1. International Athletics. Can be obtained by those, who have been qualified for one of the university teams.
  2. Engineering. Envisages a two-year transfer training program.
  3. TRU LAW International - $ 5,000 award for Juris Doctor students.
  4. International Social Media Awards are provided to a limited number of students, who work to promote TRU worldwide as the best place to study.


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