University of Niagara Falls Canada

UNF is a promising new university located in the heart of Niagara Falls.

The University of Niagara Falls Canada is committed to building an academic community that prepares graduates for leadership in the digital world.

UNF offers a variety of professionally oriented undergraduate and graduate programs. With an immersive learning environment that fosters interactive and experiential education, UNF provides a unique academic pathway that prepares future graduates for success in their chosen fields.

The university places special emphasis on the study of modern technologies. Courses will help prepare students to work in the digital world. Students can choose different learning formats: full-time, hybrid, or online.

All courses are held in the new UNF building in the historic downtown area of Niagara Falls. The campus is designed to create a dynamic learning environment that includes modern amenities and a service-oriented approach to student life.

Education takes place in small classes with a maximum of 40 students. International students study full-time.

Educational programs at the
University of Niagara Falls Canada

Bachelor of Business Administration

This program will provide students with a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the fundamentals of business, digital commerce, finance, accounting, human resource management, and marketing in the digital economy.

Students can choose two specializations:
  1. Digital Economics - the course focuses on e-commerce, financial technologies, supply chain management and new technologies;
  2. Digital Marketing - the course focuses on the study of digital marketing strategies, analytics, online branding, and digital asset management.

The course is designed for 4 years of study, but students can complete it in an accelerated format and receive a diploma in 3 years.

Graduates can build a successful career as:
  • data scientist
  • big data specialist;
  • digital marketing and strategy specialist;
  • Process automation specialist;
  • business development specialist;
  • Digital transformation specialist;
  • information security analyst;
  • IoT specialist.

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

It is an integrated comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for medical school, graduate programs, and careers in biotechnology and related fields.

The core curriculum includes the study of biology, chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, biostatistics, anatomy, physiology, and new technologies in healthcare.

The program is based on the experience of medical institutions - partners of the college: Saba University School of Medicine, Medical University of the Americas and St. Matthew's University.

This program provides an opportunity to transfer to medical school after gaining the required number of points. Students can transfer to the 2nd year at Medical University of the Americas or Saba University School of Medicine.

Graduates can build a career as:
  • healthcare professionals
  • laboratory technicians
  • sales representatives of pharmaceutical companies;
  • researchers
  • scientists, etc.

Master's degree in Digital Media and Global Communications

This program is a professionally oriented course designed to prepare graduates for careers in the dynamic world of digital media.

This 45-credit program, which can be completed in 5 academic semesters over 18 months, offers a solid foundation in intercultural storytelling across a variety of platforms, including marketing, public relations, advertising, social media, gaming, eSports, entertainment, and education.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the curriculum focuses on ideation, creativity and design for digital media, preparing graduates for positions such as:
  • digital marketing strategists
  • social media specialists,
  • public relations and advertising executives,
  • intercultural communication specialists and various producers,
  • designers,
  • managers,
  • technical artist and entrepreneur positions.

Master of Management

This interdisciplinary program offers two specializations: entrepreneurship and new technologies. Students can focus on developing successful business plans or evaluating and implementing new technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

The program will provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to become successful entrepreneurs and lead digital transformation.

Graduates can build a career as:
  • digital strategist
  • digital innovation manager;
  • Manager of technological innovations;
  • Digital transformation specialist;
  • Product/Market Innovation Manager, etc.

Master of Data Analysis

This 48-credit program can be completed in five 12-week semesters with the option of studying full-time. The curriculum is focused on real-world applications, offering basic training in the data science lifecycle and a choice of three areas of study: marketing analytics, operational analytics, and general analytics.

Graduates will be prepared to help organizations make data-driven decisions, drive innovation, and increase organizational value.

Graduates can build a career as:
  • data analyst
  • business intelligence analyst;
  • data science specialist;
  • machine learning engineer;
  • marketing analyst;
  • operational analyst.

The college also offers an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course. This program is designed for international students whose English level is below the minimum level required for Canadian college studies.


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