University of Waterloo

In 1957, a group of leaders created the University of Waterloo to solve some of the world's most
difficult challenges
University of Waterloo, Canada
These were the days of the Cold War and the space race, when one computer occupied an entire room. However, the University became a center for scientific, medical and technical discoveries in a short time. Industry leaders believed that moving forward meant much more than just educating people under the latest technologies. As of today 41,000, students are enrolled to the University of Waterloo under full-time and part-time programs. The campus has more than 100 buildings, which house 6 faculties.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo attracts students from all over the world by its well-known academic programs, excellent learning environment and focus on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

University students are focused on creating start-ups and an innovative approach to work.

Student Center

Student life at the University of Waterloo is under student government and has an enviable diversity. It focuses on social, cultural and recreational activities taking place 7 days a week. The campus houses the offices of student organizations such as the Waterloo Student Bachelor's Association, shopping malls and food service establishments as well as a variety of hobby clubs (such as the Space Club). One of the functions of the Student Association is to provide information on various events and activities held at the university as well as to solve issues that a student may have in the process of admission or study.


University of Waterloo achieved:

  • the title of "Most Innovative University in Canada" for the last 28 years in a row;
  • 2nd place in computer science rankings and 2nd place in engineering rankings among Canadian universities;
  • 2nd place in the ranking among Canadian universities in social and economic sciences, based on the UNO Sustainable Development Goals.

The University of Waterloo is located on the Haldimand highway, that is, the land of the neutral peoples, Anishinabeg and Houdenozone. Its territory includes 10 kilometres on both sides of the Grand River.

Faculties and programs at University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo has 6 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
    It offers training programs in kinesiology, public health and recovery and sports (Bachelor of science). Master`s programs are also available in these as well as in some other areas. The faculty provides the opportunity to get postgraduate education (postgraduate studies) with the possibility of defending a doctor degree thesis.
    The faculty is a leader in developing strategies preventing disease and injuries as well as in promoting healthy lifestyle, optimizing physical performance and improving well-being throughout life. The scientific activity of the faculty is based on various directions and can offer a wide space for research.
  2. Faculty of Arts
    The Faculty of Arts is a dynamic community of students and teachers working in the humanities, social and creative sciences. Students are offered a wide range of programs in different directions: from "English language and literature" to "theater and performance". The faculty is proud of its teaching staff.
  3. Faculty of Engineering
    Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools in the world, Waterloo School of Engineering is a leader in engineering education and research in the industry. It is the largest engineering school in Canada and currently has over 10,000 students. At the end of last year, funding for the school from Canadian and international partners exceeded US $96 million, which proves broad industry partnerships and high-level engineering research programs.
  4. Faculty of the Environment
    For over 50 years, the Faculty of the Environment has striven to make a positive impact both regionally and globally. Through interdisciplinary programs and research, teaching goes beyond lectures in the classroom. The faculty community is interesting and versatile, consisting not only of students and teachers, but also of alumni, philanthropists and staff. The Faculty longs to make the most of its position as a leading educational and research institution in the field of the environment to meet the complex challenges our world is facing.
  5. Faculty of Mathematics
    The Faculty of Mathematics offers both exclusively math and business and accounting programs. Moreover, the faculty offers Computer Science programs as well as the Mathematics / English for Academic Research program. It is designed for students who meet all the parameters in the mathematical field, but need help in learning English.
  6. Science Faculty
    As an integral part of the University of Waterloo as Canada's most innovative university, the Faculty of Science is one of the world's leading places longing for basic and applied research at a high level.

Great research potential is realized in a hands-on training and cooperation. This prepares science students for successful careers. Programs such as Concept Science give entrepreneurs the opportunity to implement their ideas. The faculty IGEM team participates in the international synthetic biology contests. The Faculty's Scienсe Outreach is a multi-award winning event designed to inspire a new generation of scientists.

Accommodation at the University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo provides a shared accommodation service on its website. You can choose your own private accommodation or share the rent with neighbours or friends. Prices for such services range from $ 275 to $ 1350 / month. Besides, the University has its own residences on campus, which are provided to freshmen and applicants.

University of Waterloo Tuition Fees

Depending on the chosen program and degree (bachelor, master or graduate student), the cost of studying at the University of Waterloo varies from CAD 24 to 35 thousand. The most expensive are programs in architecture and programming, other specialties will be cheaper.

Besides, the student is provided with the opportunity to get a scholarship both upon admission and already in the course of study.


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