University of Windsor

University of Windsor is an integrated, student-focused, international, multidisciplinary higher
educational institution offering studies in Canada under a wide range of undergraduate and graduate
University of Windsor
The opportunity to study in Canada for international students is one of the best here. Students from Europe, Asia, Africa study at the university - this is a very diverse and friendly community where you can always get support and help. With a relatively small class size and a wide range of student services, clubs and associations, the University of Windsor provides students with a friendly and supportive learning

University of Windsor

The history of the University of Windsor dates back to 1857. Then it was called the Assumption College and offered a limited number of programs. It received the status of university in 1956.

Over 150 years, a small liberal arts university has grown into a large, significant university with 15,000 students. Today, the campus covers 51 hectares and can offer over 190 undergraduate programs, 65 graduate programs, and 6 professional programs at nine faculties.

The University of Windsor is located next to the North America's busiest border point and overlooks one of the country's most beautiful embankments on the Detroit River. Windsor is the most southern city in Canada and this is where students can enjoy the most favorable weather conditions.

The university has created ideal conditions for sports and active student life. There are 17 sports teams playing at the university, which successfully compete in provincial and national championships.

Faculties and programs at University of Windsor

The University of Windsor includes several large faculties, studying in Canada at each of which will open up opportunities for the development, growth and successful career of students.

Faculty of arts, humanities and social sciences offers over 50 programs to help you get a comprehensive in-depth education in arts, humanities and social sciences. The faculty includes several departments and academic departments training students in different areas.

Undergraduate programs are numerous and varied: from architecture to psychology, from criminology to French studies, every student can choose from 50 courses.

The Faculty of humanities and social sciences offers a wide range of interdisciplinary, Minors and certification programs.

Many of the students take a dual basic education program, which is one of the strong points of the university studies. FAHSS offers a number of predefined combined core programs, but in many cases, it is possible to create your own dual core program. In fact, 20% of FAHSS undergraduate students study dual majors - that's one in five students.

Popular interdisciplinary programs include:

  • Antrozoology;
  • Aeronautics Leadership Program,
  • Behavior, cognition and neurology,
  • Research on disability, family and social relations,
  • Interdisciplinary arts and sciences,
  • Humanities and professional research,
  • Media art and culture,
  • Social justice, sexuality research,
  • Fine arts and artificial environment,
  • Women's and Gender Studies.

The faculty also offers master's or doctoral degree in one specialty, as well as in a number of interdisciplinary programs:

  • Case studies (PhD);
  • Communication and social justice (MA);
  • Criminology (MA);
  • Cinema and media arts (MFA);
  • Philosophy / Doctor of Law (MA / JD);
  • Social work / Doctor of Laws (MSW / JD);
  • Visual arts (MFA).

Faculty of Law

It is mainly a law school offering comprehensive legal education and practical legal skills. The main curriculum is Juris Doctor. The faculty also offers accelerated joint degrees in business, social work and transnational law.

JD's three-year program provides theoretical foundations and experiential studies opportunities for efficient and successful legal practice in Canada.

Dual JD unique joint Canadian and American program prepares students to practice both in Canada and the United States. The three-year program was created in partnership with the Detroit Mercy School of Law and is the first of its kind in North America.

The opportunity to obtain joint MBA / JD and MSW / JD degrees (combined degrees in business or social work and law in four years instead of five) is also unique.

The faculty offers a research-based LLM program that can be used in almost any area of law for lawyers wishing to pursue their specialization.

Students can choose from two options: 1 year - regular LLM or 2 years - LLM with a certificate in teaching and learning at the university.

Faculty of education

The University of Windsor faculty of education promotes the professional and scientific growth of teachers at all levels as thoughtful, caring, competent and innovative teachers.

The faculty offers programs of different levels:
Preparatory courses and Bachelor's programs:
  • Consecutive B.Ed. Program (a two-year program prepares candidates for teachers in one of three sections of pedagogical specialty: Primary / Junior School, Junior / Secondary School, Middle / High School);
  • Concurrent B.Ed. Program (intensive programs are developed for students, who want to get a Bachelor's degree in different fields (French, communication, drama, general sciences, history, psychology, etc.), while studying education course and working at schools.
  • B.Ed./Diploma in Technological Studies (this program provides the preparation needed to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach technology research at Ontario secondary schools).
  • Minor in Organizational Learning and Teaching (MOLT) (This undergraduate program provides an opportunity to explore and understand many of the complex, interdisciplinary aspects of pedagogy in organizational contexts outside the K-12 educational system. This area of study will be of interest to those with interests and / or career development in areas such as corporate and non-profit training, banking, litigation system, health and safety, outdoor education, early childhood education, alternative learning models, adult education, post-secondary education, interpretation centers, coaching, municipal and community programs, museum education and interprofessional education. It is aimed at developing knowledge, skills and experience in practice: coaching, learning, teaching and facilitating learning in a wide variety of specialties).

Master degree programs:
  • M.Ed. Domestic & International Student
  • M.Ed. Online
  • PhD Joint PhD in Educational Studies.

Continuous pedagogical education programs:
  • Additional Qualifications for Teachers (AQ, ABQ and PQP Courses);
  • International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification.

Faculty of Nursing

Offers flexible educational programs ensuring training of highly-qualified personnel.

Bachelor's degree programs:
  • Bachelor of Science (BScN) in nursing cum laude (duration of four years for people looking to prepare for a nursing career. The program is also offered in cooperation with St. Clair's College (Windsor and Thames / Chatham campuses) and Lambton College (Sarnia).

Master's programs:
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MScN);
  • Master of Nursing (MN);
  • Diploma of higher education - nurse practitioner in primary health care;
  • Doctor of philosophy in nursing (PhD).

Faculty of Engineering

The University of Windsor is located on the border of Canada and the United States, in the heart of North America's automotive, design and manufacturing industries. The unique location provides students with the international study, research and work experience opportunities that no other university in the country can compare. The Faculty of Engineering offers many interesting and practical programs using cutting edge technologies. Programs include practical training and work opportunities (co-op).

The faculty includes three departments:
  • Civil and environmental engineering;
  • Electrical and computer engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering, automotive and materials science.

Bachelor's degree programs:
  • Civil engineering,
  • Electrical and computer engineering,
  • General engineering,
  • Engineering technologies,
  • Environmental engineering,
  • Industrial engineering,
  • Industrial engineering with a specialization in Business Administration,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering with a specialization in materials science,
  • Mechanical engineering with a specialization in the aerospace industry,
  • Mechanical engineering with a specialization in the automotive industry,
  • Mechanical engineering with a specialization in environmental protection.

Master's degree programs:
  • Master of Engineering (MEng);
  • Master of Applied Sciences (MASc);
  • International Master of Automotive Engineering;
  • Master of Engineering Management (PhD).

Odette School of Business

The Odette School of Business (OSB) has received accreditation from AACSB International - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, CPA of Ontario and the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario (SCMAO). In addition, the School is one of eight Canadian business schools invited as a full voting member in the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Bachelor's degree programs:
The business school's main program is Odette's Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) cum laude. This comprehensive four-year program covers all key fundamental areas of business study:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (cum laude in Business Administration);
  • Bachelor of Commerce (cum laude) Cooperative Education Program.

Besides, students can combine their basic business education with another subject: mathematics, computer science, psychology, economics.

The faculty also offers a postgraduate course:
  • Bachelor of Commerce program for university graduates.

Certificates and Minors

Certification programs are available for part-time students, while non-business students can choose the Minor course in Business Administration:

  • Certificate in Business Administration;
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting;
  • Diploma in Business Administration.

Master's degree programs:
  • MBA;
  • Master of Management;
  • MBA Professional Accounting Specialization (PAS);
  • MBA for Managers and Professionals (M&P).

Faculty of Human Kinetics

The faculty includes two departments: Kinesiology and Athletics and Recreation. The programs have received several awards in Canada and are internationally recognized. Besides training the faculty is actively engaged in research activities.

The emphasis in the Bachelor of Human Kinetics program is on providing students with an understanding of human physical activity in its broadest sense, rather than on the details of professional practice and training methodology.

The Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics can be obtained:
  • under the regular training program for 8 terms,
  • a 12-term cooperative education program that combines classroom experience.

In both programs, students study the general core of kinesiology and other courses, and then specialize in one of two majors cum laude:

  • the science of movement,
  • sports management.

You can also get a Master's degree:
  • Master of Human Kinetics (M.H.K.) degree,
  • Ph.D. program in Kinesiology.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The unique combination of science programs at the Faculty of Science gives students the opportunity to directly use their knowledge and skills to solve the most important problems the society is meeting now and in the future. The faculty includes 8 departments and offers more than 30 Bachelor's degree programs, as well as 2 scientific and academic programs.

The main areas of study:
  • behavioral cognitive neuroscience;
  • integrative biology;
  • biomedical sciences;
  • chemistry and biochemistry;
  • computer science;
  • environmental school;
  • economics;
  • forensic medicine;
  • general science;
  • mathematics and statistics;
  • physics.

Postgraduate studies

The University of Windsor offers over 70 graduate and doctoral programs in a variety of subjects, including the recently launched Master of Laws, Master of Engineering Management, PhD and more.

Accommodation and cost of studies at the University of Windsor

Before enrollment to the higher educational institution in Canada, you have to get acquainted with the city and campus where you will live the next years.

The University of Windsor is a mid-sized campus located in the western part of Windsor and downtown.
There are 4 buildings for students to live in and they are located close to each other.

  • Alumni Hall - offers double or single rooms with a shared kitchen, bathrooms on the floor or in the room.
  • Cartier Hall - offers single or double rooms with shared bathrooms on the floor.
  • Laurier Hall - offers single rooms with shared bathroom and lounge area on each floor.
  • Macdonald Hall - offers single and double rooms with shared bathroom and lounge area on each floor.

Tuition fees for international students in 2020/21 will range from $ 15,000 to $ 18,000.


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