Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University is a Canadian University located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo city
Vancouver Island University
It was founded in 1969 as a college under the name of Malaspina University College. Only in 1995 it received university status and in 2008 it got its current name. From the first years of its work the higher educational institution has been actively involved in the life of the region.

Vancouver Island University

Today, the university has over 14,500 students from different countries of the world. The higher educational institution offers its students a wide range of programs from one-year courses to Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He also conducts active research activities.

Vancouver Island University is a finalist for the Academy of Higher Education Global Teaching Excellence Award 2018. This educational institution longs both for provision of the necessary knowledge and creation of a friendly atmosphere and ensure its students receive the comprehensive support.

Vancouver Island University actively participates in sports competitions. It gathers teams in baseball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and golf. The clubs take part in regional and national championships and regularly win prizes. Students can also exercise in university fitness rooms, dance classes, etc.

The University pays great attention to the cultural life of its students. It arranges autotravels around the island, holidays, concerts, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing, kayaking and much more.

VIU offers a range of exchange programs, where its students can spend part of their studies abroad in one of 25 countries to choose from.

Vancouver Island University Campus

Vancouver Island University is rather large university that has created an entire campus. It includes 4 campuses:

  1. Nanaimo is the main campus, which covers an area of more than 92 acres, including dense forests and beautiful Japanese gardens. Comprehensive infrastructure, which can provide everything necessary for the study, life and recreation of students has been created here. The site houses the Museum of Natural History and Nanaimo Art Gallery, science laboratories, art studios, a library, a gymnasium, a theater, coffee shops, bars and more.
  2. Cowichan is the newest campus of the university, which is located in the city of Duncan near Nanaimo. It is a beautiful modern LEED Gold Certified building. Students of various specialties study here, but most of them are dedicated to the study of the indigenous peoples of the region. Students can enjoy the beautiful nature, get to the ocean or lakes for several minutes, they can spend their free time in restaurants and shops and they can also go to farmers & markets or in Nanaimo.
  3. Power River is another campus of the university located on the other side of the strait in a town called Power River. The beautiful nature attracts those who love active recreation. Many training programs (mainly short-term or online courses) can be taken here.
  4. Parkswill is the fourth campus located in the town of Parkville near Nanaimo. It occupies an entire floor in the Civil Technology Center.

Vancouver Island University Programs

Vancouver Island University offers more than 120 programs in various fields:

  • Art, design, performing arts. There are 5 undergraduate programs available for creative students at the university:
* graphic design;
* Interior Design;
* jazz research;
* theater;
* visual arts.

There are also three courses to choose from, after which you can get a diploma: jazz studies, visual arts and theater arts (transfer program).

  • Humanities and social sciences. The university has more than 25 programs and courses to choose from. The student can choose certification course, diploma course or Bachelor's or Master's degree. The range of specialties is very wide: chemistry, economics, geography, kinesiology, mathematics, anthropology, history, languages and culture, media studies, sociology, etc.
  • Business and management. About 20 education programs from short one- and two-year, the completion of which allows you to get a certificate or diploma, to BBA and MBA degrees in business administration, accounting, economics, financial services, international business and other specialties.
  • Pedagogy. Future teachers are offered many different education programs, the completion of which will lead to diploma, Bachelor's degree and Master's degree.

There is also a postgraduate course.

  • Healthcare. If you like helping people or animals, at VIU you can choose a program which suits your skills and plans the best.
    The university offers 7 certification programs, 2 diploma programs, and you can also get Bachelor's degree in nursing or a Master's degree in gerontology.
  • Social work. If you are eager to help other people, the university offers many programs to help you get certificate, diploma, Bachelor's or Master's degree and social work with children, youth or the elderly people.
  • Science and technology. Students who want to devote their lives to science or the development of technology can choose one of the many specialties (computer science, earth sciences, geography, conservation of natural resources, etc.) The university offers diploma courses and undergraduate programs.
  • Tourism, recreation and hotel business. The university offers a number of short-term programs as well as 2 Bachelor's and Master's degrees in tourism and hospitality management.
  • Trade jobs and applied technologies. You can take short programs and get a professional certificate or diploma and carry out practical activities.

The advantage of such training is short training and the demand for such specialists at the labor market. The higher educational institution will allow mastering more than 20 specialties from a hairdresser and an assistant to a heavy equipment operator and an electrician.

Vancouver Island University also offers a number of special courses and opportunities that can be an excellent steppingstone for further education or professional growth. These are the following programs:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) These are study programs, the completion of which will allow you to learn and teach English on a good level. There are three non-credit courses to choose from: Internet ESL, ESL and TESOL.
  • University studies (EXPO) are special programs for those who have not decided on their plans and do not know exactly what specialty they want to get.

The variety of classes and the help of consultants will be very useful and help you understand what you would like to do and what kind of education to get.

  • Professional development and training - a huge number of advanced training programs will help everyone find a suitable course in areas such as health and care, business and management, aesthetics, trade, etc.
  • Co-operative Programs - A number of programs include paid work hours at a specialized institution. The student can get education, real experience and salary.
  • On-line programs and courses. The university offers several degree, Bachelor's and Master's programs that you can take online.
  • Academic and Professional Education, High School Equivalence (ABE) are courses that will allow adults to gain missed high school knowledge or improve their qualifications. Upon completion, the student receives a certificate. The higher educational institution also offers 2 non-credit courses in this area.
  • Graduate school at VIU is a good chance to prepare for university enrollment, both for Canadian high school students and for foreign students in grades 10-12.


Vancouver Island University provides accommodation for most of its students. there are several accommodation options to choose from:

  • in the university student residence;
  • in a townhouse;
  • in the apartment;
  • in a host family.

Students can get all the necessary services in the central building of the Cedar Center. There are a laundry room, mailboxes and other services necessary for a comfortable life.


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