Wilfrid Laurier University

Laurier University is the State University of Waterloo (Ontario)
Wilfrid Laurier University
The main idea of Laurier University is the comprehensive development of personality: mind, body and spirit. The concept of education at the university is not limited to getting high grades for the work performed; the formation of a personality capable of leading, inspiring and being a leader is more important.

Wilfrid Laurier University

University professors look at the world through a point of challenge. Realizing all the world's problems, they educate students capable of having the courage to apply new ideas, look for non-standard solutions and see a variety of ways out of difficult situations. All this is achieved not only by a high level of education, but also by great personal enthusiasm as well as the use of the latest pedagogic methods.

The university improves in teaching, research, development and creativity every day. The main mission of Laurier University is to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. That is why attention is paid here not only to bachelor's, master's degree and postgraduate education, but also to the extra-curricular development of students.

The main principles of the university:

  • responsible self-government within the community;
  • ensuring the proper balance between service, training and research;
  • recognition of the need for a connection between teaching and research;
  • decency and strong leadership;
  • strategic choice in favor of long-term development;
  • international collaboration;
  • cooperation and collegiality;
  • respectful attitude;
  • openness to changes;
  • loyalty to tradition and environmental responsibility.

A little about the history of the higher educational institution

Laurier's story began with the opening of an Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo in 1911. Since then, the university has undergone some changes, and in 1973 its name changed from Lutheran University of Waterloo to Wilfrid Laurier University. And in 1999, another campus was opened in Brantford.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the seventh Prime-minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911. In total, he served in the House of Commons for 45 years. He was known as an outstanding diplomat and conflict manager, able to find a compromise in the most irreconcilable disputes. Sir Laurier is now depicted on a five-dollar Canadian banknote and two stamps of the same country.

Campuses and location

Laurier University's two largest campuses are in Waterloo and Brantford. Besides, Kitchener has a faculty of social work and students study at the weekend MBA program in Toronto. The first stage of construction on the Milton campus began last year. All of these campuses are within one-hour drive from Toronto.


16 thousand students study and live on the Waterloo campus out of 19 thousand undergraduate and graduate students at Laurier University. It houses the faculties of arts, education, music and science as well as the faculty of postgraduate education and the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.

Laurier University is one of the key centers in the research world of Canada, therefore, a significant part of research centers and institutes are located here.


While studying on this campus, you will be not only in one of the centers of the scientific world of Canada, but also very close to nature. The campus is located in the city center and at the same time close to scenic walking and cycling trails. Brantford houses the faculties of humanities and social sciences as well as the faculty of liberal arts.


In partnership with the government of the city of Milton and Conestoga College, Laurier University is committed to developing the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor. This is planned by popularizing high quality research and student experiences in Milton's fast-growing scientific community. Last year construction of the Laurier University campus began in Milton and the first stage was approved.


A completely renovated 100-year-old building in the heart of Kitchener houses the Lyle S. Homan faculty of social work at Laurier University. Over 300 undergraduate and graduate students live in the heart of the city, just minutes from the Waterloo campus.


Laurier University's head office is located on the ground floor of the Exchange Tower at the intersection of King and York Streets in Toronto and connects Kitchener Waterloo, Brantford and Milton to the Greater Toronto District. Thus, Laurier University is located at both ends of the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor. This office provides students and workers with space in the heart of Canada's

largest city. It hosts round tables, literary readings, discussion clubs, continuing education classes, various seminars and much more.

Since 1999, Lazaridis School has been offering graduate programs in the Toronto financial district. More than 250 MBA and Mfin candidates participate in alternative part-time weekend programs each year.They are located on the 27th floor of the Sun Life Financial Tower.


As part of a research partnership with the government of the Northwest Territories, Lurie University maintains a research office in Yellowknife. The office opened in 2017 and gives opportunities for research meetings, camps and field research throughout the year. In addition, it provides an opportunity to build strong links with local authorities and organizations of indigenous peoples and communities.

Chinese office

Laurier University's office in Chongqing Province, China provides an important partnership between the university itself and its nine partner universities in the region. In addition to exchange opportunities, Laurier University is leading several Canadian projects in the province. These projects cover areas such as logistics, supply chains, health informatics, social services and higher education management.

Faculties and Institutes at Wilfrid Laurier University

Laurier University offers a wide range of full-time and part-time undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. The university includes nine main faculties as well as subsidiary schools and specialized programs. They are all located on different campuses.

Faculties of the Waterloo Campus at Wilfrid Laurier University

Faculty of Arts
The Faculty of Arts has over 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students, making it the largest faculty at Laurier University. 11 departments and interdisciplinary programs cover a wide range of social sciences and humanities.

Faculty of art students can create their own academic program, which they adapt to their hobbies. Learning involves the ability to both concentrate on one area of studies and study several areas at once.

In addition, there are interdisciplinary programs that allow you to study different subjects for a different number of academic hours. The faculty also provides the opportunity to apply for international volunteer work, which makes it possible to study abroad within one term.

Studying at the faculty of arts provides an opportunity for all-round development, regardless of whether you intend to pursue a career in business, science or non-profit activity. Here you will learn to think critically, compromise and view ideas and problems from a local, global and historical perspective.

Faculty of Pedagogy
The Faculty of Pedagogy offers tuition at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Bachelor's degree involves practical training required for teaching, as well as the study of theoretical and research base to enrich knowledge. Students graduate as well-rounded tutors ready for classroom teaching.

The Master's degree in Pedagogy involves training of educational leaders and professionals. The Master's program provides an opportunity for students to focus their research related to educational theory and teaching practice at universities.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies
Graduating from Laurier University, you leave its walls as an expert in your field. Regardless of the program chosen, Laurier will provide you with the necessary scope of knowledge that will prepare you to become a leader in your field knowing how to apply theoretical knowledge to solve real problems.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies at Laurier University envisage the possibility of obtaining external scholarships, which reduces funding for postgraduate education and allows you to fully focus on research activities.

Faculty of Music
The Faculty of Music at Laurier University promotes artistic and scientific development of the highest level and develops creative environment for its students. Students, teachers and guest artists host over 100 concerts and music events annually.

The faculty provides two undergraduate programs:
  • Bachelor of Music;
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy in Ontario (unique).

Bachelor of Music degree can be obtained in areas such as composition, music education, integrated music art, music history, theory and critical analysis and others.

Graduation programs involve obtaining a Master's degree in such areas as:
  • Master of Music Therapy;
  • Master of Arts in Public Music.

The faculty gives also the opportunity to receive a chamber music diploma and an opera diploma.

Faculty of Science
This dynamically developing faculty currently numbers 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as 112 teachers and researchers. The faculty has 31 undergraduate and graduate programs in 7 areas and several advanced research centers.

Many of the undergraduate programs provide learning opportunities using interdisciplinary approach.
This helps in solving some relevant social problems and gives graduates a good career start.

The staff and students of the Faculty of Science are engaged in high-quality research, the popularization of scientific knowledge and applying this knowledge practically. Participation in the University's research projects and collaborations is a real opportunity for many students to enrich their education.

The faculty offers a variety of programs in natural and applied sciences. As in other faculties, students are provided with a supportive environment and all the necessary experience that will prepare them for their future scientific careers.

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
The main priority of the school is to prepare students for the world of their generation, and not for the world of their parents generation. The key to this training is immersive learning. Students of the Lazaridis school learn teamwork to solve urgent problems from the first day. The school's cooperative business degree is the largest in Canada because the main goal is to immerse students in the learning environment in which they will find themselves after graduation. This is done so that students can learn to think independently and not experience stress when adapting to real world problems.

Lazaridis School implements the largest business cooperation program in the country. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of career options and find employment before graduation.

Faculties of the Brantford campus at Wilfrid Laurier University

Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences
The faculty offers degrees in the following areas:
  • criminology,
  • game design and development,
  • public health,
  • management,
  • police activity and psychology.

Here you can also get postgraduate education at the Public Safety Center. The main task of students is to identify and study social problems, as well as to create a real connection between the material being studied and real life. The training is carried out both in the traditional way and online.

Students of this faculty are given the opportunity to study complex relevant issues of modern society.
Particular attention is paid to the development of critical thinking and the ability to question the theories put forward. Students of the Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences receive both theoretical knowledge and practical experience that prepares them to solve problems both locally and globally.

Faculty of Humanities
The faculty offers a wide range of programs, from traditional (such as English or history) to new and interdisciplinary fields of study. All programs of the faculty offer not only the study of theory, but also its immediate use in practice to gain real experience. A diploma from this faculty provides an opportunity for development in a variety of areas. Learning here will help you better understand the world around you and how you can make a positive impact on it.

Many of the undergraduate programs allow to obtain Conestoga College relevant postgraduate certificates via parallel studies. The Faculty's three programs - Human Rights, Humanities and Management Fundamentals, and Law and Society - are part of Laurier University's partnership with the University of Sussex in the UK. Thereafter, you can get both Bachelor of Arts degree and a Law degree, gaining significant international experience as well.

The master's program in humanities is unique for Canada and includes skills to help bridge the gap between the theory and practice of social and environmental justice.

Kitchener Campus Faculties at Wilfrid Laurier University

Faculty of Social Work
The faculty is ideally located in downtown Kitchener, allowing students to be closer to the social service agencies with which they work.

The faculty offers social work programs under the Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees.

The programs provide students with the flexibility to choose a course of study and practice. One of the directions offers the study of the worldview of indigenous peoples and includes collaboration with elders of indigenous peoples, the study of their traditions and ceremonies.

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Social Work envisages the possibility of obtaining scholarships and professional growth. It is developed to lead students to leadership roles in social work as well as research in government and social organizations.

Wilfrid Laurier University Tuition Fees

Laurier University offers a variety of programs and payment options. These issues are discussed individually.

The estimated tuition fees for 2020/2021 at Laurier University are:

  • studies: $ 6,059 - $ 8,648 depending on the chosen program;
  • student fees: $ 1.905 - $ 2.009;
  • teaching materials: 1000 $.

The cost of living varies depending on the chosen campus and apartments and is as follows:

  • in Waterloo: $ 5.423 - $ 9.141;
  • in Brantford: $ 7,034 - $ 7,538;

In addition to accommodation, students can take a meal plan at the higher educational institution or organize their own meals.

Waterloo meal plan cost: $ 2,301 - $ 5,985
Cost of a meal plan in Brantford: $ 865 - $ 1,236;
Food costs are approximately $ 2,400 ($ 300 / month);
Other expenses (telephone, clothing, etc.) will be approximately $ 2,800 ($ 350 / month).


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