Business is an incredibly popular subject for international students choosing to study in Canada. Why are these programs in such a demand, and is it possible to become a student of business major right after school?

More than 200,000 students are enrolled to business management programs at Canadian universities, and over 130,000 students are enrolled to college business programs.

These students make up 17% and 19% respectively.

Canada is considered a wealthy, highly-technological industrial country with an exceptional standard of living at the world market. With over 35 million people and over 100 represented cultures, Canada is a dynamic and exciting place to study, live and work.

One of the reasons for the popularity of business programs in Canada for international students is that English is the international language of business communication, allowing companies from all sectors of the economy around the world to communicate with each other and get their job done. And if you choose to study business in Canada, your knowledge of English, in particular of business vocabulary, will rise to the maximum level in a short time.

Moreover, Canada can offer a wide range of short-term business programs that will help you get closer to your dream much faster. Let's look at some examples.


With campuses in the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca offers bachelor's degrees, diploma and certificate programs well-known for their quality and respected by employers. The combination of the highest academic standards with practical Work-Integrated Learning, qualified teaching staff and the latest technologies ensure that Seneca graduates are employed in a very short time.

The college has one of Canada's largest business schools, offering a wide range of majors in every area of business.

Seneca offers several business programs with a bachelor's degree:

  • business management;
  • financial services management;
  • international business;
  • HR management;
  • international accounting and finance;
  • marketing.

Related specialized programs are also popular:

  • Event management;
  • Fashion management;
  • Hospitality management;
  • Business technology management;
  • Health care management;
  • Legal project management;
  • Management in the field of ecology;
  • Information technology management;
  • Travel business.

Studies under diploma programs take from 2 to 4 years and some of them offer on-the-job training. Seneca also offers several certificate programs in marketing management, brand management and international business management. These courses take only 8 months.

HUMBER COLLEGE (Greater Toronto Area)

Take theory, add hands-on learning, state-of-the-art labs, and creative spaces, and you will reveal innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Join international partnerships to expand your learning experience - this is the formula that makes Humber a leader in education.

Humber offers over 50 business programs covering over a dozen areas that are relevant at today's market.

Humber College of Technology & Advanced Learning has diploma and certificate programs after secondary education in business marketing, business administration and business management.

The duration of the programs is 2 terms and more.

Besides, you may be offered 8-term bachelor degree programs that include:

  • international business;
  • electronic business marketing,
  • fashion business management,
  • health care management;
  • hospitality and travel business management;
  • HR management;
  • creative advertising.

Students can participate in Co-op programs (studies and on-the-job training) as part of a three-year business administration program.


"The World Needs You" is the slogan of TRU, which is the fourth largest Canadian public university in British Columbia. During the studies, students receive high-quality knowledge from experienced research specialists and business practitioners allowing them to be leaders in their fields.

At the same time, tuition fees at TRU are among the lowest in British Columbia and other provinces. And the average cost of living in Kamloops is lower than in major cities in Canada, so within a four-year course you can save thousands of dollars compared to major universities across Canada.

TRU offers business programs in Canada, which you can join after school, at several levels:

Certificates (1 year of study)
  • Business fundamentals;
  • Certificate of Administrative Assistant;
  • National Tax Administration;
  • National applied economics.

Diplomas (2-3 years of study)
  • Accounting;
  • Management;
  • Diploma of the head assistant;
  • Associate Diploma in Commerce and Business Administration.

Moreover, TRU offers a unique Adventure Studies program that will be fascinating for adventure tourism enthusiasts seeking further education with a Bachelor degree in Travel Management.

Bachelor degree programs (4 years of study):

  • General business management;
  • HR management;
  • International Business;
  • Marketing;
  • Creation of a new enterprise;
  • Computer Science and Business Administration (double degree);
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Management;
  • Travel management.

Co-op and Work-Study programs are available within various TRU subjects and will provide you with credits, steady income and valuable work experience.

Required level of English for admission to business programs:

TOEFL ibt 80+

TOEFL ibt 90+

If you want to follow your entrepreneurial instincts, don't miss the opportunity to become a student of one of the business programs in Canada.

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