Colleges of Canada

Studies in college aim at getting practical skills. Higher educational institutions offer a lot of programs with obligatory practical training in different specialties.
College in Canada is a higher educational institution providing education of high quality. Studies in college aim at getting practical skills. Higher educational institutions offer a lot of programs with obligatory practical training in different specialties.

Colleges in Canada are under the control of the government. Educational level corresponds to the international requirements and a lot of colleges in Canada are in the list of the best educational institutions of the world. Some colleges are among the top leaders under applied and academic programs.

For example, Seneca, George Brown, Humber College, Conestoga College, Douglas, etc.
Higher educational institutions of Canada maintain business contacts with employers from different industry sectors. This is the way they provide their students with practical training and employment in the future. College graduates can easily get an employment visa in the state and stay here to work.

Studies in colleges of Canada are in English.

Colleges of Canada for foreign students ensure great conditions for life and studies. Students can live on campus or in a host family, each higher educational institution has its own consultants and assistants helping to get adapted and find friends.


All private and public colleges in Canada offer education of high quality, therefore when choosing a college it is important to pay attention to its:
  • location
  • specialty

Higher educational institutions of Canada are divided into social and technical ones. Please pay special attention to the ranking of the specialty you are interested in. For example, Humber College (Toronto) is considered to be the best in polytechnic major, George Brown College (Toronto) – in design programs, Red Deer College (Red Deer) – in innovation technologies, Conestoga – in robotic engineering and IT, Seneca College (Toronto) – in business programs, animation and IT programs.


Colleges in Canada offer over 500 various programs in different majors.
Public and private colleges are oriented at students' training for further employment. Every major has specialized developed programs, for example, a student can choose journalism, accounting, hotel business, trade, IT, cinema production, nursing, profession of a fireman, stylist, etc.

Colleges in Canada offer three educational levels for international students and upon graduation a student obtains:
  • post-diploma certificate (1 year);
  • diploma (2-3 years);
  • Bachelor's degree in applied sciences (4 years).

There are the following programs according to the prospective college student's training level:

  1. Program for school leavers (Program length is 2, 3, 4 years. Maximum – Bachelor's degree);
  2. Program for graduate students with Bachelor's or Master's degree (Program length is 1-2 years. This program allows getting new qualification or obtaining additional education in the specialty).

Upon graduation from college, a student can continue studies at the university from the 3 rd year of study under the transfer program. Some colleges also suggest post-diploma programs (equivalent to Master's degree).

Colleges in Canada offer international students special preparatory courses, which help to avoid exams passing and allow direct enrollment to the specialty program. These courses are essential when the prospective college student is not good at English. These courses give an opportunity to master language, to adapt, be more confident and have easier studies in the future.


Higher educational institutions of Canada issue diplomas, which are acknowledged in all countries of the world as the English or USA ones. However, tuition here costs a lot less than in the UK or America.

The average cost makes up CAD 16-19 thousand per year for Bachelor programs.
The cost of studies depends much on college and major.


Colleges of Canada are a great variant to get higher education abroad. They attract the attention of millions of prospective students from all over the world by its affordable cost and entrance requirements.

To get enrolled one shall submit:

  • school leaving certificate (11 grades);
  • academic transcript from school or university (with high grades in major subjects and not lower than average in other subjects);
  • test in English - IELTS or TOEFL;
  • portfolio for creative major;
  • sometimes there is an additional interview or tests for creative programs.

The studies start in September, January and May.
If there is no confirmation of the English language proficiency, you can enter the preparatory program at the higher educational institution or in the language school under Passway program.
Colleges of Canada for foreign students are also convenient as one can get a student visa in a short time and in an easy way.

Canadian Colleges

You can choose your own option for study
Kitchener (Ontario province) in 80 km from Toronto
Toronto, Ontario province
Vancouver, British Columbia province
London, Ontario province
Toronto, Ontario province
Ontario province
Vancouver, British Columbia province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province
Toronto, Ontario province
Toronto, Ontario province
Welland, Ontario province
Burnaby, British Columbia province
Brampton, Oakville and Mississauga
Barrie, Ontario province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province


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