Studying in this country is very attractive: children get high level of knowledge while staying in comfortable and safe conditions.

When choosing studies for a child abroad, many parents decide in favor of Canada. It's no wonder - studying in this country is very attractive: children get high level of knowledge while staying in comfortable and safe conditions. The whole world gives credit to the excellent technical equipment of Canadian educational institutions, highly-qualified teachers, wonderful nature and spacious campuses.

No less important is the fact that tuition costs in Canada are two to three times lower than in Great Britain, USA, Australia and other developed countries.

Besides, graduates of Canadian universities find a job with no trouble - more than 90% are employed within the first year after graduation, so education expenses are not in vain. Canadian diplomas of higher educational institutions are recognized in all countries of the world, and some are highly respected (for example, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia).

That's why most of the students from the CIS countries choose studies in this country. This is an excellent prestigious education at reasonable prices. How much will it cost to send a child for studying in the land of the maple leaf?

What is the tuition costs in Canadian schools?

The first and the simpliest way to be enrolled to a higher educational institution and stay in Canada for residence in future is to finish a Canadian school. Children may begin their studies at the secondary school stage, and namely from 11-13 years. But more often, the child is transferred to high school. This helps in adapting to the Canadian educational system, mastering the language and preparing for college or university.

The tuition costs at a Canadian school depend on the province, where it is located and the type of ownership:

  • Tuition at a public school will cost from 12,000 to 15,000 CAD per year.
  • Tuition at a private school will cost from 15,000 to 25,000 CAD per year.

It is also important to take into account that there will be additional costs for accommodation and meals.

After finishing a Canadian school, a child will have high chances for enrollment to higher educational institutions not only in Canada, but also in the USA, Great Britain and other countries of the world.

How much does it cost to attend colleges and universities in Canada?

There are a lot of colleges and universities in Canada with different majors and specialties.
Students receive a wide range and excellent job opportunities.

The tuition costs in Canada at a higher educational institution depends on many aspects:

  • prestige (the level and recognition of the higher educational institution influence the tuition costs for a student to a significant extent);
  • region (higher educational institutions in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan have always cost more, but in distant provinces, you can take the same programs for a much lower amount);
  • training program (this aspect is important in any country. Typically, it is much more expensive to study for a doctor, lawyer, programmer, etc.);
  • type of a higher educational institution (colleges and universities are divided into public and private.

Studies at colleges will be cheaper, but there are certain peculiarities, in particular concerning the procedure for visa obtaining (public higher educational institutions guarantee the opportunity to stay for 1-3 years, but not all private colleges may offer the same terms and conditions).

  • type of program (college certification and diploma programs are inexpensive, but bachelor's and master's degree programs are much more expensive. Some higher educational institutions offer the opportunity to get a PhD for free).

The average tuition costs in Canada at a higher educational institution make up:

  • at college: 14,000 - 20,000 CAD per year;
  • at university: 22,000 - 50,000 CAD per year.

Depending on the type of program, tuition costs make up:

  • College degree program: 14,000 - 18,000 CAD per year;
  • Bachelor's degree program: 17,000 - 45,000 CAD per year;
  • Master's degree program: approximately 15,000 CAD per year;
  • postgraduate education: approximately 15,000 CAD per year.

Accommodation and food costs will range from CAD 10,000 to CAD 12,000 per year. Nevertheless, students may work and partially cover expenses during their studies. Co-op programs including combination of job and studies are also widespread.

Tuition fees for language courses in Canada

Language courses are becoming a necessity for most foreigners moving to Canada for studies or work.
The student must provide a certificate of English language proficiency at a sufficient level for full-fledged training for admission to school and higher educational institution.

Language courses favor in quick achievement of the desired result.

Canada offers such language courses:

  • at a language school;
  • at a college or university.

The most popular are the following language schools: CLLC, EC, ILAC, Kaplan, SSLC, etc. If you know exactly which higher educational institution you will be enrolled, it will be easier and more convenient to complete language courses at this institution if there is such an opportunity.

Language courses usually don't have distinct terms of studies; thus, the student may choose a period and a program depending on initial level and goals.

The tuition costs in Canada at language courses will be from 305 to 370 CAD per week.

How to spend less?

To cut costs, you can use the following simple tips:

  • choose not the most prestigious university in a small town (in such a way the living expenses will be significantly reduced);
  • choose a higher educational institution in a distant province;
  • try to get a scholarship (many higher educational institutions offer scholarships, including to foreign students);
  • work (in Canada students can work only a certain number of hours - this will not cover expenses, but will improve the financial situation);
  • fill in a tax return, even if you do not work (there is a concept of tax refund in Canada, and you can get some money back).

Canadian educational institutions

You can choose your own option for study
Kitchener (Ontario province) in 80 km from Toronto
Toronto, Ontario province
Vancouver, British Columbia province
London, Ontario province
Toronto, Ontario province
Ontario province
Vancouver, British Columbia province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province
Toronto, Ontario province
Toronto, Ontario province
Welland, Ontario province
Burnaby, British Columbia province
Brampton, Oakville and Mississauga
Barrie, Ontario province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province
Winnipeg, Manitoba province
Toronto, Ontario province
Toronto, Ontario province
Lennoxville, Québec province


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