Architecture – Construction Technologies Specialty in Canada

You can choose basic courses for a builder or opt for a more comprehensive program that provides opportunities for managerial positions, such as programs in the field of 'Architectural Technologies.

Construction is one of the industries that is always in demand and consistently evolving worldwide. Building construction is rapidly changing, creating a new reality for the entire sector. Advances in material technologies have transformed architectural technologies into a promising career field, combining design software related to energy consumption and building information modeling, thus creating a demand for new graduates to work in the field of architectural technologies.

On a national scale, one in every 14 employed Canadians works in the construction industry. However, the industry still faces a shortage of educated and highly skilled workers. Therefore, architectural education programs have always been and remain in demand and promising. Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of general and specialized programs to prepare professionals.

You can choose basic courses for a builder or opt for a more comprehensive program that provides opportunities for managerial positions, such as programs in the field of 'Architectural Technologies.

Program "Architecture – Construction Technologies" at Conestoga College

The diploma program 'Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology' at Conestoga College is designed for a duration of 3 years.

Students gain a deep understanding of the entire construction process, from design to construction, from experienced instructors with close ties to the industry.

Key subject areas include architectural, structural, and construction legislation, as well as mechanical, electrical, and construction management.

Each year, students undergo hands-on training in designing and modeling real projects and solutions. In the third year, the Major Capstone Project involves teamwork on a large-scale project from design concept to final construction documentation. To support practical learning, field trips to construction sites and manufacturers are organized, along with guest lectures.

Co-op Opportunity

Students in this program have the opportunity to participate in a paid co-op placement, providing invaluable experience and broader prospects for future employment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a wide range of career advancement opportunities in engineering, architectural, construction, and consulting offices focusing on LEED/energy efficiency. They can also pursue roles as general and subcontractors, estimators, and in construction departments.

On average, 100% of co-op graduates and 89% of non-co-op graduates over the past three years (from 2019 to 2021) secured employment within six months of completing their studies.

The tuition cost for international students is $14,163 per year.

The program "Construction Technologies" at George Brown College

The Construction Engineering Technology program at George Brown College is designed for a 3-year duration.

Students in this program will gain in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, including:

  • Construction methods and materials
  • Construction estimating
  • Construction law, contracts, and tenders
  • Project management and control
  • Construction graphics and detailing, and more.

Career Opportunities:

This program prepares students for positions with higher levels of responsibility and accountability in areas such as construction planning, project management, site superintendent, estimating, budget preparation, and tendering, sustainable construction science, and engineering research.

The tuition cost for international students is $17,545 per year.

The Architectural Technology program at Humber College

The Architectural Technology program at Humber College is an in-depth diploma program in the field of architectural technologies.

Students study:

  • Computer drafting, construction methods, and project management using the latest computer programs (Indesign and SketchUP, Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop).
  • Construction technologies using various materials: wood framing, steel, masonry, precast concrete, hybrid systems, etc.
  • Management and administration: building codes and regulations, specifications, estimating, construction contract management, environmental systems, etc.
  • Sustainable architecture, passive house design, and methods for designing and building with a zero carbon footprint to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change in the field of architectural technologies.

Co-op Opportunities

This program offers co-operative education (Co-op). Optional co-op work terms provide valuable practical work experience related to your field of study, enhancing career readiness after graduation.

For students enrolled in co-op, during the 4th and 5th semesters, there will be three consecutive paid optional co-op work terms. The work terms are each four months, totaling 12 months (one year) of work experience before the final academic year.

Career Opportunities

College graduates hold positions such as:

  • Leaders of architectural teams developing design and construction documentation for architectural firms.
  • Building inspectors and planning and zoning experts for municipalities.
  • Licensed designers of sustainable housing for design firms.
  • Immersive architecture designers.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and parametric modeling experts for construction and architectural firms, etc.

The tuition cost for international students is $20,105 per year.

The Architectural Technology program at Fanshawe College

The Architectural Technology program at Fanshawe College is a 3-year program.

This award-winning program provides knowledge in all aspects of the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. The Architectural Technology program prioritizes project-based studio learning, offering students expertise in architectural design, technical documentation, engineering building systems, planning, building codes, construction science, and project implementation.

Students engage in virtual design and construction (VDC) of small and large buildings of various types, using various software such as Revit and AutoCAD, among others.

The program focuses on immersive studio modeling, cutting-edge technologies, industry-oriented curriculum with an emphasis on project-based learning, preparing graduates for work in the modern construction industry. In industry-modeled studio sessions, the latest technologies and practices are used to prepare students for participation in a full range of construction projects.

Students engage in virtual design and construction (VDC) of small and large buildings of various types while simultaneously studying the integration of structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. The Architectural Technology program consists of six academic semesters and three semesters of paid work within the three-year period.

Co-op Opportunities

The Architectural Technology program offers a Co-op component, providing students with the opportunity to gain direct workplace experience in professional firms, industrial and commercial corporations, or government institutions.

Co-op students qualify for positions such as junior assistant architect, junior architect, construction drawing draftsman, junior CAD technologist, junior BIM technologists, junior BIM manager, junior field supervisor, junior project coordinator, junior plans examiner/inspector, and junior technical representative.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work as:

  • Head of drawing group
  • Designer/draftsperson
  • Coordinator of new home construction
  • Site supervisors and project managers

The tuition cost for international students is 48,303 Canadian dollars for the entire program.

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