Graphic Design Program

Get a degree in this specialty from a Canadian college.

Graphic designers are very much in demand in different fields of human endeavor. They create logos, develop designs for books. Magazines, billboards, flyers, create collages, process photos, draw graphic paintings, etc.

If you have a talent for drawing and a portfolio, you can get a great education in this specialty in one of the Canadian colleges.

The popularity of this profession is confirmed by the large number of programs in different post-secondary institutions. You can choose either a diploma program or a bachelor's degree.

Graphic Design program at Humber College

This diploma program is designed for 6 semesters of study. It is designed for creative designers who want to explore a wide range of visual communication strategies through interactive media: internet, screen, and user interaction: animation design and traditional print media.

At Humber College, the Graphic Design program will explore creative strategy and design process, typography, editorial and publication design, packaging design, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), web design, information design, and animation design.

Design abilities and the use of digital tools and software will help graduates create original and compelling designs for a wide range of projects, including magazine advertising, outdoor campaigns and billboards, promotional materials, branding, digital applications and corporate websites.

In addition to creative and technical abilities, students will develop entrepreneurial skills by studying freelance business and design.

Graduates can build careers in:

  • branding;
  • commercial printing;
  • editorial and publishing;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • multimedia production;
  • user experience and interface design;
  • visual communications;
  • web and interactive design.

Tuition for international students in 2023/24 is $2015/year.

Graphic Design program at George Brown College

George Brown College offers a diploma program in Graphic Design, which is a 6 semester degree program. It is an ideal training ground for the design profession. The program provides a thorough general understanding of design and also allows you to choose to specialize in communication or advertising design. In addition, electives allow you to gain skills in areas such as illustration, motion, interaction, web design, books, and environmental design.

The first three semesters include courses in design fundamentals, typography, production, digital applications, drawing for design, and design culture. In the fourth semester, students choose a major while continuing to develop applied skills through intensive studio projects. In the final year, students prepare a thesis or participate in a major project that synthesizes skills.

Graduates of this program will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for employment in a variety of positions in graphic design or advertising, specializing in:

  • graphic design;
  • corporate identity design;
  • editorial writing;
  • environmental graphics
  • exhibition design;
  • packaging design;
  • multimedia;
  • production design;
  • web design;
  • advertising copywriting;
  • coordination marketing;
  • print advertising
  • multimedia advertising.

Tuition for international students in 2023/24 is $17751/year.

Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College

The college offers a three-year diploma program that teaches you how to communicate your ideas through interactive media, web, digital and print.

Graphic design courses at Fanshawe College teach theory and history, illustration, motion graphics, typography, interactive web design, communications, and camera basics. Students also learn professional practices and current industry production standards in order to work independently and with different types of organizations.

The college offers comprehensive instruction in interactive design, Internet and multimedia, digital illustration, and animated graphics, as well as courses covering theories of creativity, visual thinking, typography, and design history.

Graduates find employment in:

  • advertising agencies,
  • design studios,
  • direct mail agencies,
  • environmental/signage companies,
  • printing companies,
  • online graphics and multimedia companies, etc.

Tuition for international students is $50729 for the entire program.

Graphic Design program at Durham College

The College offers a 6-semester diploma program in this major.

Durham College students learn to create functional design in a variety of contexts, including advertising, logos, brochures, magazine layouts, annual reports, motion graphics, and more. Graduates of this program may find employment creating advertising and branding campaigns, corporate identity systems, packaging, and integrated content for media networks and the web.

This program prepares graduates for entry-level design jobs. Students acquire the skills necessary to solve specific visual problems through hands-on work that covers a wide range of visual communications in corporate, editorial, advertising and packaging design.

The first-year program of study includes courses in:

  • Design Concepts;
  • Animation Graphics and Web Design;
  • Illustration and Photography;
  • Fundamentals of Design;
  • Typography.

Second and third year courses will give you the opportunity to apply these principles to a variety of design challenges.

Other areas of study include courses in:

  • Advertising;
  • Branding and Campaigns;
  • Editorial and corporate design;
  • Packaging;
  • The Business of Graphic Design.

Students spend the sixth semester as an intern in a design or in-house studio.

Tuition for international students is $9,041/semester.

Graphic Design program at Centennial College

This college also offers a 6-semester diploma program in this major.

Centennial College's graphic design program, with a graduate employment rate of over 80 percent, will prepare you for a multi-disciplinary design career. Courses in this advanced program, are taught at Story Arts Center. They involve a hands-on approach in a cozy studio setting.

In this college graphic design program, students learn a number of essential skills:

  • mastery of standard Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign;
  • learn creative problem solving and design thinking;
  • learn design for print, including advertising, magazines, books, and packaging;
  • create responsive websites, mobile applications, and compelling animated graphics;
  • explore drawing, photography, illustration and typographic design;
  • learn professional practical skills to get a great job or start your own design business.

Graduates of Centennial College of Graphic Design have found a number of jobs with companies including HJC New Media, RockHippo, Gamebridger, G4Box, Formative Innovations, 4front Media Group, CX Interactive and Bash, among others.

Graduates can build careers as:

  • graphic/web designer;
  • interactive designer;
  • motion graphics designer;
  • art director;
  • editorial designer;
  • illustrator;
  • type designer;
  • graphic artist;
  • digital imaging specialist.

Graphic Design program at Seneca College

This college also offers a diploma program in Graphic Design. This three-year program will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective design solutions for interactive, print and experiential design projects.

At Seneca College, instruction in fundamental principles and skills, followed by immersive, interdisciplinary learning, culminates in a graduate portfolio demonstration and the opportunity to participate in field-based practice. This program will prepare you to work as a designer in the communications field.

Students study:

  • design;
  • typography;
  • business writing;
  • marketing.

Graduates can build a career as:

  • graphic designer;
  • web designer;
  • in-house designer for corporations;
  • advertising art director;
  • interactive designer.

Tuition for international students is $17375/year.
Please note. All colleges require a creative portfolio for admission to this major.

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