Studying medicine and healthcare in UK universities

If you want to pursue a career in medicine by studying MBBS, UK is definitely the right choice.

Medicine and Health programs in the United Kingdom are an excellent choice for those looking to pursue a career in healthcare, offering access to high-quality education, clinical experience, research opportunities, and a multicultural environment.

The UK has a reputation for providing top-notch medical education, and international experience can be valuable when applying for residency programs or scholarships in the future.

Each year, over 28,000 students apply to the best medical colleges in the UK. After completing medical education in the UK, students can work as doctors, professors, medicolegal consultants, researchers, hospital administrators, and more.

Medical colleges in the UK have excellent ratings and recognition due to their emphasis on the quality and practical training of students. If you aim to advance your career in medicine by studying MBBS, the United Kingdom is undoubtedly the right choice.

Benefits of studying medicine in the UK

Medical education obtained in the United Kingdom has many advantages:

  1. According to the QS News Ranking 2022, 43 UK universities are among the top 650 medical universities in the world.
  2. High earning potential. Based on data from the National Career Service and the National Health Service, the average salary for healthcare professionals in the UK is:
    General Practitioner: £72,000–£105,000 per year
    Surgeon: £79,860–£149,400 per year
    Consultant: £82,096–£110,683 per year
    Psychiatrist: £79,860–£107,668 per year
    Doctor: £40,000–£102,500 per year
    Medical Researcher: £25,000–£60,000 per year
  3. Students receive practical training, utilize quality hospitals for internships, access innovative research centers, and use state-of-the-art equipment.
  4. The UK leads the world in new treatment methods and helps expand access to medical care.
  5. Prestigious diploma. Regardless of your specialization, a medical qualification from the UK opens doors. Employers worldwide can be confident that the candidate possesses language skills, research knowledge, and a high level of practical training necessary to start working.
  6. Wide range of specializations. Foreign medical students are offered over 60 specialties, and the modular course structure allows flexible adaptation of education according to your interests and focus.

Duration of the medicine course

A Bachelor of Medicine in the United Kingdom is a degree that typically takes 5-6 years to complete.

Obtaining a Master of Medicine degree usually takes 1-2 years and requires significant experience in the field of science and/or healthcare.

Types of Medical Degrees

British universities offer several degrees in medicine and healthcare.

Bachelor of Medicine – MBBS

A Bachelor of Medicine, also known as MBBS, prepares students for careers in medicine, including roles such as doctors, surgeons, and medical researchers.

The Bachelor of Medicine degree in the United Kingdom involves both classroom learning and clinical experience. In the early years of study, students focus on fundamental sciences and medical terminology, while in later years, emphasis is placed on clinical skills and patient care. Students typically also participate in clinical rotations in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Master's in Medicine

A Master of Medicine is a postgraduate course aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in a specific medical field. To attain a Master of Medicine degree, one typically needs to have a Bachelor of Medicine degree.

The Master of Medicine degree usually involves in-depth coursework in areas such as pharmacology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical research, and patient care.

PhD Medicine

A Doctor of Medical Science is an academic degree that involves conducting original research in the medical field. Typically, this process takes 4–6 years, and upon completion of the doctoral degree, individuals can pursue careers in academia, industry, or government. Many Doctor of Medical Science graduates continue to work in research, development, and regulation within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, while others become professors and researchers in universities or work in government institutions such as the National Institutes of Health.

Best UK Medical Schools

In the UK, some of the most renowned medical schools in the world can be found. Students have the option to choose from a list of top institutions promising academic success. Here are some of the best medical colleges in the UK:

  1. University of Oxford:

    • Ranked 4th in the QS World University Rankings 2023.
    • Ranked 1st globally for Clinical and Health subjects by THE World University Rankings 2021.
    • The medicine program at Oxford is a six-year course with emphasis on fundamental scientific research.
  2. University of Cambridge:

    • Ranked 2nd in QS Ranking 2023.
    • The second oldest university in the UK offering MBBS.
    • Provides two types of medical courses - standard and graduate entry.
  3. Imperial College London:

    • Ranked 6th in QS Ranking 2023.
    • Renowned for high-quality medical research.
    • Offers various medical courses in addition to medicine.
  4. King's College London:

    • Ranked 37th in QS Ranking 2023.
    • Known for its innovative and integrated medical program.
    • Focuses on clinical education with close patient interaction.
  5. University of Edinburgh:

    • Ranked 15th in QS Ranking 2023.
    • Offers a 6-year MBChB program.
    • Emphasizes modern and innovative medical practice.
  6. University of Manchester:

    • A public research university and one of the largest medical universities in the UK.
    • Ranked 28th in QS Ranking 2023.
    • Blends traditional and modern approaches in medical education.
According to the Guardian University Guide 2024, the following universities have the highest percentage of graduates finding employment or continuing education at the professional or higher education level within 15 months of graduation:

  1. University of Cambridge (100%)
  2. University of Edinburgh (100%)
  3. Imperial College London (100%)
  4. University of Glasgow (100%)
  5. University of Bristol (100%)

UK Medical School Tuition Fees

Medical courses are among the most popular globally due to the extensive preparation and resources required for medical education, including access to specialized equipment and experienced faculty.

Approximate tuition costs for international students:

  • University of Cambridge - £63,990 per year
  • University of Aberdeen - £50,100 per year
  • University of Edinburgh - £35,000 per year
  • Imperial College London - £46,650 per year
  • University of St Andrews - £35,920 per year

The cost of medical education is also higher due to the duration of medical courses, which typically require 4-6 years of study. For this reason, many medical schools offer medical scholarships to help students cover their education expenses.

Educational Institutions

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